Sales Training: The Ins, Outs, And Abouts – The best investment you will ever make!


Google co-founder Larry Page once said,  “Revenue is the engine that funds all our innovation.”  To create revenue, you need an effective sales team. To achieve that effectiveness – and generate that income – you need to maximize that engine.  Investing in your team will not only benefit your company – it will also boost morale. […]

Does Your Sales Process Build Customer Loyalty? It Should


Customer experience, client success and customer loyalty are big buzzwords in any business niche, and for good reason. When you wow your customers and are proactive about their needs, you build a powerful sense of loyalty that boosts retention and even leads to clients purchasing additional products and services beyond the first sale – something […]

B2B and LinkedIn Lead Generation – Effective Prospecting Tips Post COVID-19


In terms of lead generation and closing new business in the 21st century, LinkedIn is a hot spot. Or it can be. It allows you the chance to connect with potential new clients or customers in a way you never quite could before, on a one-on-one basis in a more social environment – as business-oriented […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chatbots for B2B Lead Generation


What’s your honest reaction to the idea of chatbots for B2B lead generation? FOMO? Seems like everyone has them after all, so shouldn’t you? Or fear of alienating potential leads and future customers by failing to ‘present’ a human ‘face’ to them at all times? Or maybe even distrust, as to how can you be […]