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Even with the rise of multi-channel marketing and other current lead generation strategies, it’s a mistake to ignore or dismiss telemarketing as an antiquated part of the old ways of doing business.

The type of telemarketing that most people are familiar with is old-school telemarketing. Many things have changed, and this model now has several benefits, mainly when used by telemarketers with a track record of delivering results.

Why Telemarketing is Still Effective, and Powerful

People who argue that telemarketing isn’t effective simply don’t fully understand how it works.

Telemarketing no longer depends on randomly calling every number on a list.

It’s gotten a little more advanced since then.

Telemarketing is still significant today because it offers a human connection. Take email as an example.

Emails can be prepared with messages that resonate well with their receivers through testing, but they remain impersonal no matter how personalized or adjusted they are.

Telemarketing, on the other hand, entails a real person making contact with a potential customer in order to establish a human connection.

Any other marketing technique currently available to us cannot recreate this personal interaction. Even live chat can’t match the inflections, tone, and other aspects of a real discussion.

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Why Due Diligence Matters in 21st Century Telemarketing

One of the things that people say about telemarketing can be very true: People do not accept calls from strangers, nor do they welcome receiving calls for a general service that won’t offer them personal value.

That’s what we meant about telemarketing companies Brighton no longer simply calling their way through a huge list of names. Doing so is a waste of time for clients, for consumers and prospects, and for the telemarketers themselves.

Because of this, we collaborate closely with our clients to produce precise calling data that will enable us to make as many contacts with potential customers for their business as possible.

Successful Telemarketing For Brighton Businesses Calls For Testing

There is no guarantee that social media content on social networking platforms will be effective enough to produce as many leads as possible. There is no guarantee that a campaign that has been approved will be effective enough to generate as many leads as it could.

That’s why our telemarketing programs involve lots of testing and, of course, monitoring.

Even our most effective telemarketing campaigns are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they are successful in persuading prospects to take the next step in the sales funnel. It’s another thing that helps set us apart from other telemarketing companies Brighton.

A/B testing, which involves swapping out campaign mechanisms or material for better ones, gives a campaign additional flexibility. It also means that clients don’t have to waste money on ineffective marketing, and callers don’t waste time. As a leading telemarketing company Brighton, we make use of A/B testing all the time, which consistently results in better outcomes and impressive lead generation results.


Modern Telemarketing is Perfect for Multi-Channel Marketing

When most people think of telemarketing, they envision it as a one-time event. Even while you can run a lead generation campaign independently, no marketer expects to get results from just one. That’s not how it operates.

In the modern era, multichannel marketing is the only viable option because consumers can typically be reached via various platforms and are frequently best served by various marketing approaches. Telemarketing is a touchpoint that can easily be added to ongoing campaigns, as opposed to being used only as a standalone marketing or sales strategy.

For instance, if a company started its first touchpoint with PPC ads for specific audiences to increase brand recognition, it could arrange calls to these prospects rather than emailing them. This not only forges that human connection but also distinguishes you as a company that genuinely cares about the wants and desires of its target market.

Like email prospecting, telemarketing can be utilized as a lead nurturing strategy once an initial round has been sent out. It can also be combined with sales discovery calls to produce even more tailored communications.

Telemarketing has begun to rely extensively on technology, with the majority of its processes utilizing technology to improve efficiency.

Lead generation agents now have access to comprehensive calling systems that let them search up information about the callers, take notes, rate leads, add new data to a CRM, and access resources all while on the line.

Similarly, they can evaluate their performance quickly by viewing a dashboard and determining how close they are to achieving specific KPIs.

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If you’re not sure how to conduct telemarketing on your own, Pearl Lemon Leads can deliver bespoke telemarketing services.

We give our clients customised, tailored-to-them telemarketing campaigns that they do not have to handle directly. We simply supply a seemingly endless supply of leads that are ready to be closed.

Utilizing telemarketing as part of your arsenal of lead generation tools is one of the best things you can do for your marketing strategy right now. Consider working with us if you lack the time or resources to set it up yourself.

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