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Unsolicited is the first word that comes to mind when considering cold email marketing. The recipients of your cold emails are strangers we never met. Why do seasoned marketers prefer to send outbound cold emails? What advantages does cold email marketing offer?

We check our work email for several hours every day. The number of daily email users is 4 billion, according to Statista (2021). And it is reasonable to anticipate that this figure will rise to 4.6 billion in the upcoming years. 

Businesses should emphasise cold emails for this reason alone. Therefore it’s understandable why many companies have long regarded email marketing as one of the best ways to reach out to prospective clients.

Brands aim to create effective cold email marketing campaigns. They frequently use cold emails to reach their clients. Cold email marketing is tenacious, quantifiable, scaleable, and effective. It is less intrusive than cold phoning.

Although email marketing is helpful, many business owners are debating whether or not cold emailing is a successful marketing technique for their company. In reality, using the correct cold emailing strategy helps entice your customers and increase your sales.

We can help you create a cold email marketing strategy that aligns with your business goal. 

At Pearl Lemon Leads, we can systematically contact chosen targeted audiences through outbound cold emails. There is more work involved than initially appears necessary to achieve.

We will ensure that everything is set up correctly from the start by creating a new domain for cold emailing so that it does not impair the deliverability of your main domain and carefully warming up this domain so that emails get sent.

Our team will help you create high-performing and structured messages high-performing results.

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About Cold Email Marketing

Reaching out to prospects via email rather than cold phoning is known as cold email marketing.

Although the goal is the same, it is far less intrusive for recipients and much easier for the sender to scale. Prospects are more open to a series of cold emails than numerous cold calls.

The goal of cold email marketing, like advertising, is to expose your business or product to a specific receiver (or ad viewer) and convince them to respond or make a purchase. Cold email marketing is, however, much more cost-effective and frequently more accurately targeted than advertising.

Benefits Of Cold Email Consulting

Here are a few advantages of cold email marketing and some information to persuade you to add this supplemental tactic to your marketing efforts.

There's No Need For Big Budgets

The fact that email marketing requires less money than other marketing methods is one of its most obvious advantages. You will not be charged any costs for visibility on search engines, social media platforms, magazines, or television networks. 

Utilising software to automate, track, and evaluate emails does come at a cost. Still, compared to the price we must pay for paid marketing channels, the cost is negligible and much lower when sending a large volume of emails simultaneously.

Furthermore, several free methods are available for obtaining a prospect’s email address. Even the expenditures associated with buying email lists are minimal. Thoughts on whether you ought to purchase email lists should wait for another article. However, the costs associated with cold email marketing will primarily be related to either purchasing email addresses or keeping up a client database.

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Possibility To Customise The Experience

Cold emailing offers an unrivalled chance to customise the experience for a potential consumer. But there is a tenuous connection between the experience and aesthetic appeal. A cold email can be delivered in various ways, not just visually.

You may, for instance, send a general email highlighting your business and your products and services. Or you can choose to personalise the email, which is the superior option. A study found that tailored emails result in transaction rates that are 6X greater. 

You only need to conduct thorough research on your prospects and their offerings to ensure that you are the one attaining this achievement. You must modify the email’s layout and tone to reflect their current circumstances. The chance to directly address their issues or products is unparalleled and extremely helpful.


Cold email marketing is about exchanging information with individuals and creating social or professional contacts. Through email, brands communicate with potential customers who may not be familiar with the goods or services they are connected with. 

You would adore it if you were seeking project management software that was served to you in your mailbox. Therefore, cold emailing helps spread brand recognition while also connecting with individuals who may have mutual needs.

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A Chance To Warm Out Cold Leads

Another major advantage of cold email marketing is generating leads. You can produce fresh, hot leads. Furthermore, we all understand that generating leads is the first step in any transaction. 

The seller’s job is to advance a lead to the sales stage once they have initiated a business conversation. But effective cold emailing does the task of warming up the leads.

Improved Response Rates

Since getting any response is the primary goal of sending cold emails, the response rate that goes along with them is typically higher than that of other emails. Response rate is something that many marketers battle with. 

Any response here refers to your attempt to get the prospect to schedule a call with you on Calendly or even your attempt to get them to indicate whether they want to continue getting your emails. Your chances of reaching inboxes without coming across as spam emails increase with higher response rates since engagement rises.

Additionally, the level of customisation in cold emails attracts many prospects, who then reply and convert into genuine customers. Prospects who appreciate information are compelled to respond to you.

laptop work, Cold Calling for Health Insurance, Lead generation, cold calling, cold email

Let Us Help You To Grow

It has become more difficult to attract customers because many B2B sales and marketing teams rely on cold email marketing to generate meetings. Our cold email consulting at Pearl Lemon Leads is created to stand out from the competition and lead to successful interactions with potential customers. 

Our staff can test messaging, improve performance, and send every email directly to your prospects’ inboxes rather than their spam folders using our patented technology.

Our highly qualified experts will help you resolve any objections and arrange meetings with your team once the cold email marketing begins to attract the interest of your prospects, allowing them to concentrate on closing business.

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Pearl Lemon Leads As Your Email Marketer

So, we’ve established that email marketing is truly effective. 

An artist can undoubtedly benefit from this form of marketing to expand their consumer base and spread their art. 

But it can also prove to be tricky and might be a waste of resources if not done right. So, I think it’s safer to outsource an email marketing agency with 27+ years of experience in the field. 

Pearl Lemon Leads can be your finest ally if you’re looking to increase your email marketing efforts.

Our email marketing and lead generation know-how are one of the best in the field, allowing us to connect businesses, yes, even artists, to customers. 

To reach as many potential customers as possible and increase your brand awareness through email marketing, we have a dedicated team of experts who will work tirelessly on your behalf.

We’d love to show you our award-winning customer service. Let’s have a chat.


In 2021, the typical conversion rate for a cold emailing campaign was 15%. Never assume that a prospect’s lack of response indicates that they are uninterested in your offering. You can persuade prospects to reply to your request with the help of carefully crafted follow-up emails and persistence.

The general idea is to start small (10–20 emails per day) and progressively expand your sending volume while monitoring your reputation and deliverability. Not to mention, there are restrictions set by email service providers.

Cold email prospecting focuses on those unfamiliar with you or who haven’t yet interacted with your brand. It is the initial lead generation phase and the prospecting process’s beginning.

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