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Research has shown that 90% of new startups fail

Some end after their first year, some in their fifth year, and almost half of them are eradicated by the time the business reaches its tenth year. 

It’s a tough industry where only strong-willed individuals manage to succeed. 

But, it’s not only about the determination and passion of startup owners. Successful entrepreneurs invest in strategies that they know will benefit their business. 

In the world of startups, the long-term dilemma that most owners face is maintaining customer loyalty. 

With a very competitive scene, it is understandable that struggles to expand a brand’s reach to gain more audience can present themselves along the way. 

It’s an inevitable problem, but one that can be effectively resolved by making use of a marketing tactic to convert a lead into a prospect and an interest into a sale

If you’re a startup business owner wanting to make sure that this is not an aspect that you have an issue with, then continue reading and discover how a demand generation agency like Pearl Lemon Leads can help your brand.

What Does A Demand Generation Agency For Startups Do?

Every stage of a customer’s life cycle is important and should be treated with utmost care in order to maintain a good relationship with them. 

A demand generation agency makes sure that happens while also increasing the interest of more potential customers in your startup. 

Using highly-strategized methodologies, they choose a lead’s interest and convert them to action.

Demand generation specialists aim to identify potential prospects and nurture them in specific processes to ensure that the interaction can turn into sales. 

They help you optimise your sales and marketing funnel as demand generation specialists can work closely with your sales team and provide them with the content they need to be able to introduce your products and services in the most effective way. 

A demand generation campaign is considered successful once goals are reached and figures are present to back the results. 

Another tell-tale sign is the driven and consistent customer traffic in your website and or physical stores. 

Having a dedicated team to work on this aspect of your business can improve your workflow drastically as you can rely on us to make sure that all your needs are met and that they are being implemented in a congruous manner.

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Who Needs Demand Generation For Startups?

All startup businesses looking to gain a solid foothold in the market can make use of demand generation. 

Investing in this type of targeted marketing can avoid a lot of obstacles in terms of lack of sales, customers and awareness about the brand. 

As a startup entrepreneur, you would want to get as many leads as possible and turn them into loyal customers. 

Consumer attention is vital in every type of business, as it either leads to referrals or direct purchases. By creating demand for your products and services, you will have a steady flow of buyers and clients and that itself can turn into reaching your long-term startup goals.  

If you want to generate a healthy and steady pipeline of potential prospects, then demand generation is the answer.

We Do Growth

Pearl Lemon Leads is a multi-award-winning agency specializing in demand generation for startup businesses like yours. 

We are famous for being able to over-deliver on our end results and that’s the reason why our clients have nothing but awesome things to say about us. 

Our team is made up of globally competitive specialists who share the same passion and commitment to connecting brands with their audiences.  

Pearl Lemon Leads’ campaigns follow a five-step demand generation stage to ensure that we are maximizing all marketing efforts into making your brand’s awareness reach its full potential.

Goal Definition

We highly recommend always starting your planning by defining your goal. Determine which direction you want your startup business to take and what you want to achieve in increments of time. 

This way, we will be able to formulate strategies around your objectives and track its progress.

Audience Definition

Along with your goals, you must also decide which audience you want to reach. This helps in determining what type of strategized approach will be most effective. 

Our goal is to make your audience want to engage with your brand using different tactics like creating personas to match their personalities and understand them better.

Content Creation

A steady supply of content targeting your preferred market will keep them engaged with your brand. Content can come in different forms and provide various benefits to your audience. 

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Content Distribution

This stage is just as crucial as making the content itself because how it will be distributed will directly affect how your audience will receive them. 

Depending on where they are in your sales funnel, we will ensure that the content meant for them is delivered in an effective strategy to aid in positioning your startup better.

Number Crunching

You will not see the result of our joint campaign unless figures are present. 

Tracking the outcome of our demand generation project will help you determine which methods are working to your advantage and which ones need to be worked on more. 

Signing up with us means that your startup will be well taken care of with these meticulous steps to ensure that the campaign is working in your favour. 

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I’ve worked closely with the founder of the company over the last year and have had the pleasure of seeing him and the business grow and develop. They are a smart and motivated team. I have seen that they truly care about being the best - both in terms of getting results and customer service.
Valentina K
I had a first hand experince working alongside Pearl lemon. I have seen the company generate alot of appointments over that period. Really impressed with how the team is managed & work together as a unit. Would defiantly recommend, a company driven to achieve great results.
Leslie Wellard
Had the privilege of working with Pearl Lemon for almost 2 years, Learnt everything anyone would need to learn to unlock their Digital Marketing Potentials, I was lucky enough to work directly with The Founder, Deepak Shukla whom I've learned a lot from! Would 100% recommend it to all clients! The team is just amazing and very helpful, and I got the chance to lead my own team as well- If you want growth then Pearl Lemon is the best choice!
Adham Rabee
We had the opportunity to work with the sales team at Pearl Lemon and in fact even shared one of their internal resources for an Italian lead generation campaign. The insights and solutions that Pearl Lemon and specifically their lead generation department bought and has helped speed up our outreach process significantly. We've developed a strong working relationship and get solid consulting advice from them and have since built up a regular pipeline of leads. I'd work with them if I was you.
Vittorio Bomberino

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Demand generation is defined as any form of activity centred around driving interest in a specific brand. 

It is a form of a marketing strategy where demand is achieved through the use of different skills and resources to help drive awareness into the business.

The deliberate process of converting strangers into prospects is known as demand generation. It is a methodological approach in generating the attention of possible customers and converting them to become brand followers. 

Lead generation on the other hand is nurturing leads by making use of targeted content to demonstrate brand value.

Demand generation works to build awareness and create an interest in your brand. It is a systematic way of reaching more audiences while spreading brand awareness and urging interested individuals to become paying customers. 

Pearl Lemon Leads follow a five-step demand generation strategy to ensure that effectiveness is a part of the process.

A demand generation agency’s goal is to convert a potential customer’s interest into action and drive engagement between your brand and its target audience. 

The agency implements strategic ways to bring demand to your brand and maintain the public’s interest so it translates into sales.

Pearl Lemon leads in an expert of lead generation and as demand generation is part of a broader umbrella of this topic, you can rest assured that we have the specialists needed to ensure that all strategies will be put in place in the most effective way possible. 

We offer a holistic approach to helping you grow your brand. Contact us today for a quick consultation to learn more.

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