Increase Guest Reservations With Email Marketing For Hotels

Email Marketing For Hotels

The hotel industry has always been bustling – what with it being synonymous with traveling, especially before the pandemic. 

Staying in hotels is almost always considered luxurious and expensive, but despite these attributes, they remain very much in demand. 

But it was a price worth every penny as nothing beats the relaxation and comfort a guest can get from staying in a hotel. 

The elegant facilities, spacious rooms, amenities, and excellent customer service are just some of the reasons why guests frequent these expensive establishments. 

However, they faced a giant wall at the onset of the pandemic- and suddenly, these beautiful, well-curated suites fell empty and silent. 

As we roll into the third year of the pandemic, we see safety restrictions slowly being put at ease, and hotels have been opening their majestic doors once again to accommodate leisure accommodations. 

But after such a long time, hotels may find it challenging to regain their old groove. 

How can a hotel like yours attract new and previous guests to book reservations and choose your establishment among the many others in the same industry? 

Stay and read to learn how email marketing can help you achieve this goal and why Pearl Lemon Leads is the best partner to go with. 

What Is Email Marketing For Hotels?

In marketing efforts, the process of incorporating electronic mails, or emails as it is more commonly referred to, is called email marketing. 

This is an act in which an email is sent to consumers with the purpose of triggering engagement. 

Email marketing can be achieved in many ways, some of the most common methods are by using it as a newsletter, transactional email or behavioural email. 

Most of these are ones you have encountered and are straightforward to spot. 

Newsletters are like newspapers, except in the form of an email. They are usually informational, are sent on a fixed schedule, and are a great way to make a guest remember you. 

Transactional emails come from e-receipts, confirmation tickets, account notices, and the like. They reflect a guest’s behaviour and mirror it into a transaction. 

A perfect example would be a hotel confirmation booking

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On the other hand, behavioural emails are emails sent to the customer or subscriber based on their actions and behaviour. 

For example, after a customer subscribes to your website, an onboarding or welcome email will be sent back to the customer. 

Many examples of behavioural emails a customer gets in a day. Make sure yours stand out from the rest. 

Email marketing sends valuable information or reminders like pre-arrival checklists for hotels and safety protocol reminders, especially during the pandemic. 

You can also use this to collect feedback from your guests or by urging them to join your loyalty program in exchange for membership perks. 

Email marketing is much better done when it is automated, as manually doing it can be too labour-extensive. 

One excellent way to keep your email marketing automated is by hiring an email marketing agency to take care of this task. 

How Does Email Marketing Benefit Hotels?

Your hotel can benefit significantly from the use of email marketing. We’ve narrowed it down to the most influential critical points on why you should consider email marketing to promote your business. 

Low cost, high returns

Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your hotel. 

It is comparatively lower in terms of cost than traditional marketing methods and promotes a higher percentage of return on investment. 

Although it can be done independently, the best way to apply this approach is to hire professional email marketers to ensure you maximise your hotel’s marketing efforts. 

It is one of the most important investments you can make for your hotel, and this list will clarify why. 



Email marketing is not only affordable, but it is also very easily accessible. 

Using email, which everyone can access from their devices, also makes it easier for your targeted audience to share, distribute and respond to the content you are sending them. 

Remember, customers are very fond of accessibility. 

Go Global

Another excellent reason you should invest in email marketing is that it not only focuses on your local presence but can also put you in the international spotlight. 

Attracting foreign tourists is not only beneficial to your establishment but also your local tourism. 

With email, you can easily reach global audiences and attract them to stay at your hotel.

Engaged audiences

You’ll never know this, but what are the chances that your subscribers are sitting at home, thinking of going on a vacation or just spending some quiet time for much-needed relaxation, and are thinking: which is the best place to go? 

And then your email suddenly comes in, and they see it- and more often than not, this reminder encourages them to act, and one click is what it takes to get them to your website and book a room. 

That’s the power of email marketing. Since your email list is filled with interested individuals, persuading them to place a reservation and become paying customers is more manageable.

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We can help!

Allow Pearl Lemon Leads to manage your email marketing campaigns.

We take pleasure in our competence in email marketing and lead generation, so you can rest assured that your hotel will be well looked after.

Our team comprises globally competitive people with the most effective methods and resources to help your hotel stay on top. We’ve been in the industry for over 27 years, and this experience gives us an edge over our competitors. 

Pearl Lemon Leads is your most exemplary partner when it comes to improving your marketing through the use of e-mail as the primary channel.

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Email marketing can help you promote your business both locally and internationally. It’s a simple and convenient way for your customers and new clients to contact and communicate with you.

Personalised email marketing lets you provide your customers exactly what they want, ensuring that your establishment and services remain relevant to them.

Email marketing is not only one of the most cost-effective ways to grow revenue, but it also works in any industry. Increasing email income can help you get a better return on investment.

This is why marketers still turn to email to promote businesses effectively despite new and modern technologies. 

Email marketing is essential since it allows the hotel to stay in touch with guests and re-establish contacts with former clients.

This is also an excellent technique to bring in more leads who could turn into loyal guests.

Pearl Lemon Leads offers three different email marketing packages to assist your business.

These three bundles feature everything you’ll need to strengthen your hotel-guest relationship.

When you choose us as your email marketing team, you can be confident that your money will be well spent. We will put all of our resources towards achieving your marketing objectives.

We specialise in lead generation and employ email marketing to reach out to potential prospects for our clients. We employ highly strategised approaches and top-tier resources to deliver the most outstanding service.

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