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How To Find Online Leads

Find Online Leads


The world changed since the pandemic; some businesses adapted to the more diverse digital landscape, and others seem to fall behind.

If you are a business owner, you are trying to figure out how to grow your business and drive online traffic. 

Let me introduce you to the world of digital marketing beyond in-person client leads of flyers and coupons.  

Lead generation has become a valuable tool for business and marketing.

Lead Generation In Digital Marketing?

Lead Generation is the process of drawing in new prospective clients by implementing cold email, cold calling, and so forth. 

In the hope of generating more interests in your products and services from generating customers online.

We are collecting interest by list building on social media and developing relationships during the sales process.    

Find Online Leads


How Can This Work for you?

  • Start Researching Your Target Audience; this is a great way to notice a pattern of behaviour from your audience, for example, where they like to hang out, Instagram or TikTok. Another brilliant way to gather more patterns of behaviour is creating surveys, using Google Analytics, and using your own social media platform as a tool to speak to them directly. 
  • Search Engine Optimization this tool helps you to focus on the presence of your brand on Google. As a result, it will not only place your business on the top of search engine lists. In addition, the experience of your website will have a notable impact in regards to performance and organic traffic.
  • Online Networking is the gold standard of connecting with different constituents person to person. To use this technique to your benefit, you have to communicate in a fun and engaging manner to draw your target audience to you. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin whatever social media you enjoy will help you boost your reputation and referrals. 
  • Blogging is not only a fun way to discuss fun topics your audience enjoys, but you have an opportunity to show off your expertise.  Furthermore, Blogging is a lot of hard work, but the benefits are using the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization. Then blog promotion on social media or digital platforms of your choice is another form of creating leads. 

Getting Creative

While discussing how to generate a lead for your business, the most important takeaway from this information is creativity. 

  • Offer a free trial to interested prospects so that they can get excited about your product and service.
  • Provide contests and giveaways that sparks curiosity, and focus on replying to positive and even negative reviews.
  • Interview on a Podcast or video content, share your success story and secrets about your business.
  • Hold a summit, get close and personal with your target audience, and listen to hard to hear questions. For example, about your website functionality, your company’s engagement level on social media, and your product and service. 

Think outside of the box; lead generation should teach and grow you as a business owner because there is always room for self-improvement.

Your company has to have a unique value, something different, to gain the trust of prospective customers. 

Youtube can also lend itself as another valuable outlet for a further reach, with how-to videos that are simple and easy to watch.


Digital marketing has proved itself a valuable and unique way to conduct business in the digital marketplace. 

With the landscape change, we must adapt to changes of a more digital format of business to move past personal networking, and word of mouth leads. 

These were only a few steps to push you forward on your journey, but continue to get creative and look at the future in the eye.