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No Response Is A Response: How To Write The Best Follow Up Email

No Response

Your mind is racing from one thought to another, replaying in your mind what you could’ve said better. Was the message wrong, was the wording too heavy, or did I sound a little too desperate?The IP/ domain delivered over 50 email newsletters yesterday, with only two responses and more unopened mail. Most were unresponsive; next time, writing a better follow-up email, might get that second email or phone call. 

Don’t Get Cold Feet (Follow-up)

To get through the cold email process, experience some hard-earned rejection.

The most challenging part is, after months of creating a product that has your heart and soul. 

The ostentatious manoeuvre or planning a well-balanced email promotion, to an eager audience on a product that could change their lives in some way. 

The rejection or fear causes a no to follow up of emails after the last cold email blast. 

Poor coaching of interaction with prospective clients can lead to difficulties,  be authentic and reflect on a human level, and start the follow-up

Follow-up email outline:

  • Use a writing tone that is fun and approachable 
  • Tailor each email to be personable and relevant to the prospective client’s life 
  • Keep it short and to the point 
  • Lastly, let the email offer some value 

Once you have continued to thaw your cold email; as soon as you change the expectations of the approach with writing the email, the opportunity to see an influx of unanswered emails will begin to pile up. 

The mistakes that could cost you

Once the tone of the follow-up email is determined, it’s time to put the elements into play. 

The question will have to be how will most of the formatting best reflect the goals of the email presented to the prospective customers? 

Do not write on the subject line “follow up; it will proceed straight to the trash or reported as spam. 

As stated before, acknowledge that each email has to present itself as personable, and the production of the creation took thought and attention into the project. 

Keep it fun, exciting, and respectfully don’t come off too strong or pushy, have a call plan to action. 

Towards the end of the email, a call to action must be specific and bring the point home; remember you want them to respond to your email. 

As the direction returns to the steps above, the main focus of the email should present itself short and sweet. 

Once their attention is acquired, recognise time is of the essence and that you are an intrusion in their time. 

If your target prospects are busy housewives, they understand that they have a tight and active schedule. 

Timeframes to Send Follow-up emails

Dive into the subject further; it’s best to send follow-up emails immediately when discussing the timeframe. 

Different types of follow-ups tend to need other windows of opportunity. 

Once you find the correct template that personalises the message,  understand the audience and their personal lives. 

Timing is everything; the strategy is to space out the emails and give the prospect time to settle in and read your emails. 

Sometimes, it takes others longer than others to catch up on mail. 

Once you have sent the first email, wait about two days, you have the opportunity to change the format slightly, but keep it personal and short, reminding them about your offer. 

Then add a three-day gap and write them again on day 5; this message can be more direct in terms of setting an in-person meeting; schedule a voice call to have the opportunity to speak directly to the prospect over the phone. 

Remember, no response is a response; if no response after ten days, this is considered the break-up.  

The prospect has already made up their mind at this point, and there is no amount of talking that could convince them that you are the only one for your product or service. 

To Sum Up

Sometimes, breaking up is complicated, but there are penalty prospects out there eager and waiting to introduce your product or service too. 

The main focus is timing which is everything; time can bring lasting and fruitful relationships. 

No response is no response, but if you put your best foot forward, you may get the answer you have been waiting for.