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Amplify your email campaigns and bring in more leads with our Cold Email services

Cold email as a service gets a bad rap – It’s often referred to as spam. However, our cold email services here at Pearl Lemon Leads are different. To us, building a cold email strategy is as much as an art form as it is a science. We won’t just set up an automated system that sends out hundreds of emails.

Our team of cold email lead generation specialists have been trained to write effective email copy that leads to conversions. Boost your cold email lead generation! Book a call today.

Our Award-Winning Cold Email Services

Cold email is essentially the act of sending out unsolicited but targeted emails with the intention of selling a product or service. We are listed amongst the top 50 email marketing companies & recognised are recognised for our cold email services by, The Manifest, an industry leader.

Email Copy

High-quality email copy is key to success. It leads to higher open rates, click through rates and conversions.

Cold Email Outreach

Our team will create a mailing list of contacts within your target audience and strategically reach out to them.


Once we’ve launched your cold email campaign, we’ll monitor it’s progress and report the results to you weekly.

When Done Correctly, Cold Email Really Works

When implemented properly a single cold email lead generation campaign can generate leads more effectively than any other lead generation strategy.

It was the backbone of the lead generation strategy our founder Deepak used to bootstrap his first company from 0 to six-figures in under 12 months.

Cold Email Services
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Our Approach To Cold Emailing

Our team knows how to write cold email copy that engages your prospects without ever annoying them.

We’ll ensure that the email addresses used to send messages are ‘warmed up’ and won’t get sent straight to spam.

We know when to send cold emails, how often to send cold emails, when to stop and how to ensure the messages comply with the growing number of legal rules and regulations that govern email in general.

We Are Recognised as Being a Leader in Cold Email Services

Successful cold emailing is an art form that we have mastered for ourselves. The Pearl Lemon Group was bootstrapped from $0 using a wide range of lead generation techniques including cold email marketing.

We have been recognised by Woodpecker as one of the top cold email writing services that they recommend.

We’ve also been recognised as being one of the best email marketing consultants by The Manifest and feature on their ‘Top 50+ email marketing companies’ list.

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The Founder of the Pearl Lemon Group, Deepak Shukla has created a YouTube playlist called 100 days of cold email which you can access for free here.

Pearl Lemon Case Study

Email Marketing Campaign

Client: Darren David Taylor

In this video, our Co-founder Deepak Shukla outlines the 4-step cold email campaign that we built for our client and the results that it yielded.

Check out more of our lead generation case studies on our YouTube channel in this playlist.

Cold Email FAQs

If you’re considering hiring a cold email agency to build a cold email strategy that works, let us know! Let’s have a chat about how our cold email services can help you.

You can cold email as often as you would like…to a degree. You can have a campaign last a week, a month, or be ongoing. In terms of frequency, your only limitation will be daily send limits put in place by your email providor. If you would like to build a cold email campaign plan, you can always contact your team of cold email experts to guide you in the right direction.

The amount of cold emails you can send a day will vary depending on the platform you are using. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail…and plenty of other email sites…all put certain limits on email sends per day, minute and/or hour. You should aim to maximise your sends without crossing the line in terms of what you can send. It may be a good idea to talk to some cold email experts to decide what the best strategy may be.

It is legal to send cold emails. Cold email experts know how to stay on the good side of the law in regards to sending out cold emails. This means you have to send emails and source contacts in a particular way to avoid violating GDPR standards.

The best cold email software will vary depending on what you would like to do. Some great automatic email sending tools include Mailshake and Mailchimp. Great software for sourcing leads includes Uplead, Linkedin Sales Navigator and Zoominfo. As a cold email agency, we know some of the best software tools to use…and we use them ourselves.

A cold email agency is a team of cold email experts that work to ensure you have a successful lead generation campaign through sending cold emails to specialised, targetted lists of contacts. Cold email agencies may write sales copy, gather lead lists, schedule automated emails, and more.

In very basic terms,  a cold email is an email message sent to a recipient you have had no personal contact with before. It’s the digital equivalent of a cold call and can be a hugely effective marketing technique, especially in the B2B world, but only when utilized properly.

The short answer is no. As long as a commercial email message complies with the basic rules and regulations that govern emails – primarily GDPR in Europe and CAN SPAM in the US and Canada- it is not illegal to send an unsolicited email to a previously unknown contact.

However, cold emails sent without the knowledge of – and compliance with – these rules do often see the message consigned to SPAM folders before ever reaching its intended destination and emails sent with an obvious disregard for them may result in fines and other penalties.

There is a big difference between a properly crafted cold email and spam. If you are in business the chances are you have received lots of spam solicitation emails before. They usually go a little like this;

Dear Business Person

I recently visited your website and it seems you would benefit from our services. Why don’t you visit our website at to learn more?

These are spam emails. They are impersonal, addressed to a vague recipient, and often totally devoid of personality and valuable information.

A cold email – a good one – is personalized, offers specific information and there is a good reason that it has been sent to the recipient; it is relevant to them and offers something helpful.

Cold email marketing is just a term used to describe considered and strategic emails that are sent with the intention of, at some point, making a conversion. They can be used to sell a product or service very efficient. Cold email marketing services are rarely useful when used a vacuum, but as a part of a wider digital marketing strategy, it offers great ROI. A cold email marketing agency will know all the ins and outs of building a strategic email sequence to help get you more sales.

We’d be lying if we said no. No doubt you’ve seen hundreds of articles, videos and blogs touting the ‘perfect’ cold email templates that can simply be copy/pasted and, with a minimum of personalization be the most effective in the world.

The truth is that none of those templates work. Crafting an effective cold email is something of an art. It needs to be effective and engaging without being overlong and it needs to introduce your USP without coming off as spam. It’s a fine line that the Pearl Lemon Leads team have spent years learning to navigate successfully.

We have used cold email to grow our own business which has enabled us to identify what works and refine our technique. Our team is also trained in copywriting. We draw upon our expertise to deliver our excellent cold email services. Pearl Lemon Leads specializes in being a cold email lead generation agency!

Our team is extremely passionate about cold email and actively promote it as a means of lead generation.

Both of our co-founders have created content sharing their expertise in writing cold emails that get results.

One key factor is the time you send it. Sometimes it can vary between industries, but generally we find that early morning is a good time to send, as many business people start the work day by going through their inbox and replying to messages. Evenings are also a good time, after the hectic workday schedule has passed. Another factor is the subject line – make it concise and use it to draw the recipient in to read the whole thing. In the main section of the email, you need to get your message across quickly within the first two linesPersonalize the email and keep it concise.

Ideally, yes. You should take the time to research the person you are trying to connect with so that you can personalize your copy to meet their needs or reflect their interests.

Often, when a cold email campaign fails it is because the sender has attempted to send the same message to 50 people at the same time, just like they would if they were sending an email newsletter. Cold email for lead generation does not work that way.

There is no hard and fast rule, but it’s fair to say that if you write a 500 word missive very few people are going to make it to the end. By keeping things short – 250 to 300 words at most, you’ll keep things more engaging.

Both can be great lead generation tools in the right hands, so often a lead generation campaign that encompasses both cold email and cold calling is the most effective of all.

If you follow the rules, no. GDPR was not implemented to kill cold emailing, but it does mean that any cold emails have to be properly targeted, and that you could prove – if challenged – that you had a good reason to believe your message was relevant to those you emailed.

For more in-depth information and insight on cold email and GDPR, read this piece we published over on our sister site, Pearl Lemon on the subject.

Again, no, as long as you make sure that your emails meet its provisions. If you are not familiar with CANSPAM laws you can get yourself into trouble though, which is why outsourcing to experts who are fluent in all the laws that govern cold email globally is often the safest, as well as the most effective, course of action.

Pearl Lemon has a team of experienced, on staff copywriters who have spent years writing email copy that engages prospects without coming across as spammy.

Although no one has a list of all the ‘spam words’ that can trigger a spam filter many of the basics are well-known in our industry and our copy is tailored to avoid using those words and phrases. We also ensure that your messages are sent from an email address – and email domain – that has a good reputation and has been ‘warmed up’.

We can, and if you are right then we will set up new domains to send your cold emails from, ensuring that they are properly warmed up as well, so they will not trigger spam filters or get banned by the chosen email provider.

Buying email lists is rarely productive and that is especially true when you are cold emailing for lead generation purposes. These lists are usually resold hundreds – if not thousands – of times and they have not been researched for relevancy.

If you have an email list you want us to look at we can but unless the people on it are relevant, and the addresses valid, we would not recommend including them in your cold email campaign.

We do. We make use of several excellent tools to check the validity of all the email addresses we use. Bounces hurt deliverability rates, so this is a very important step we don’t skip.

We can use a variety of metrics to test the success of an email campaign. These can include bounce rate (how often the email is returned undelivered or unopened), open rate (how often the emails are opened), response rate, and conversion rate (how many cold emails lead to an eventual sale).

No, not really. You might think that images and videos would help make your email more memorable, but really this is more an e-newsletter style. Cold emails tend to be text-only, and more in the style of a professional email from one individual to another. Embedded pictures and videos can also cause formatting problems that make it harder for the reader to view the email properly.

Not necessarily, but cold emailing is a real art, and we at Pearl Lemon Leads are masters of it! Our role is to use our expertise to keep leads flowing to your sales team, who can then do what they do best – convert. And you can stay focused on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your pipeline is chock full of high-quality leads.

We are an award winning cold emailing agency and cold email service providor. Our team would love to help you boost your sales through cold email!

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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