How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing

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Source: Do you want to be a part of a cutting edge industry that uses the internet to connect with clients? Are you interested in working in an environment that houses creatives, mathematicians, and computer whizzes under one roof? Sounds almost impossible, right? Not at all; Digital Marketing has proven unconventional and effective when […]

32 Expert Marketing Trend Predictions for 2023

Marketing Trend Predictions for 2022

2020 has been a challenging year (to put it mildly). The Coronavirus pandemic unceremoniously hurtled into the marketing pool, creating a tidal wave of chaos.  Consumers were furloughed, made redundant or had hours slashed. As a result, certain markets took an unfortunate profits nosedive. Others (like ecommerce and online businesses) saw profit margins stay consistent […]

Pandemic Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation – Why You Need to Stay Active to Thrive


Over the past few months, we’ve spoken with a lot of business owners across all kinds of industries about lead generation and each company falls into one of just two categories. There are those who are continuing to actively invest during the pandemic in a forward-thinking sales and marketing growth strategy and those who are standing pat […]

Marketing to Millennials: What You Need to Know


You’ve seen them, even if you aren’t one. They’re walking around shopping malls, grocery stores, and cafés all the time, eyes glued to their smartphones and coffees from Starbucks in hand. They make up half of Instagram. They are very active on LinkedIn. It’s Millennials. Millennials, according to Pew Research Center, make up one-quarter of […]