Rev-Up Your Sales With Lead Generation For Car Dealerships

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Because everyday people don’t purchase cars several times a year, it can be difficult to have a solid monthly record of sales. 

Unlike other necessities and household must-haves which can be easier to market, cars need a specific strategy to be sold and this is often the biggest dilemma of car dealerships. 

Add to that, the fact that marketing styles are ever-evolving and most of the time, it’s hard to catch up. 

So what does it take to have a steady stream of potential customers? What can you do as an owner? 

First of all, it’s best to gather your sales team and discuss the problem. Take in all suggestions as well as opinions and weigh them in. After all, your team faces clients daily, so they have the best ideas on what your clients are looking for and how they react to your current offers. 

We also highly suggest amping up your sales call– make several calls a day per salesperson and really get the word out about your business. You want to be aggressive in a good way- but not too pushy and in-your-face. 

Lack of a good sales record can also be because you do not have sufficient leads and in this article, we’re going to discuss how important leads are to your automotive business and what they can do to boost your revenue.

Why Is Lead Generation Essential For Car Dealerships?

Leads are one of the top driving forces of your business. Without them, businesses cannot flourish and sales will plunge to horrifying numbers. 

The sales team of your company focuses on securing clients for your business, and as the owner, your role is just as vital because you get the final say on how your marketing will be done. 

Look at the bigger picture and see how leads affect your business. As the owner, you have to take the initiative in getting more leads as they are almost always convertible to sales

Lead generation when done correctly can have a very drastic effect on your business and can guarantee an improved revenue. 

But how can you do this? What can you add to your business so that it generates more potential clients? 

Here are sure-fire ways to increase the possibility of leads:

Make sure the dealership's website is easy to navigate

Studies show that interested car buyers spend at least 61% of their daily time checking cars online

With that being said, you should definitely take into consideration that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Avoid using small texts and take advantage of opt-ins like flash banners or call-to-action buttons to stimulate buyers’ decisions.

Take the modern road

Old marketing tactics no matter how effective they once were can wear out, especially in modern times. Nowadays, people turn to their smartphones to watch car reviews or any type of content revolving around the model they are interested in. 

Make use of this strategy by creating content that buyers will love. This is also a great way to keep them coming back to your website as well as your latest offers.

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Reconnect with old prospects

This can come in the form of old inquiries, previous buyers, or any type of client engagement in the past. They may not be looking for a car for themselves right now, but getting the word out to them can mean referrals. 


Clients are always thinking of “what’s in it for me” when purchasing something. In this case, it’s given that they will be getting a new car, but what else

With tight competition, car dealerships are always looking for a way to make customers choose them. One way to do this effectively is by giving them something else- something more

We’re talking about freebies, content with value, referral perks, and the likes. Customers are almost always sold when you give them something in return, especially if that something is beneficial to them. Take advantage of that and step on that gas to upward sales!

Get a booster

If you think your current marketing strategy is still quite lacking, then maybe you need to consider hiring a lead generation expert to take the wheel. 

This much-needed booster can make all the difference for your business. Having a fixed expert focusing on lead generation can assure you that leads are being targeted in an efficient and effective manner. 

Think of your company’s long-term success, not just the present. Sales focus on present statistics, while lead generation targets sustainable growth. 

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The Missing Driving Force

Pearl Lemon Leads offer full-service lead generation for any type of business

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Lead generation is effective for car dealerships as it guarantees that the sales funnel of a business is always filled to the brim. This way, the dealership can expect inquiries and interest to pour in as lead generation is almost always synonymous with sales. 

Lead generation has been a part of any industry for decades. What changed is the way it is now handled and the channels used to generate leads.

The modern take on lead generation is by the use of social media, different job platforms, and other innovative channels to attract potential customers.

Car dealerships can gain leads in a number of ways. For example, they can make events centred on their bestsellers like an automotive display. They can also make use of social media and collaborations with known influencers to rake in more interest. 

Avoid outdated methods such as flyers and posters because they are easy to set aside and completely ignore. Make your presence known by making use of modern ways to capture a possible customer’s interest.

There are a multitude of ways to generate leads. From client engagements, targeted marketing, online content, referrals, and more. But, vast options do not necessarily mean that they’re easy to attain. And in this case, the best way to generate leads is by the use of lead generation services. 

Pearl Lemon Leads is an expert in lead generation and can drive your business to more roads.

The most obvious answer would be to have good offers as this is always something that consistently draws customers in. However, regardless if you have excellent offers, if you lack in terms of leads, then it still won’t suffice. 

These two should go hand in hand so that your business can thrive.

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