2022 LinkedIn Statistics to Inform Your 2023 Lead Generation Strategies

2022 LinkedIn Statistics to Inform Your 2023 Lead Generation Strategies

Here at Pearl Lemon Leads, we make use of the most effective lead generation for our clients, based on their unique needs. Often that includes heavy use of LinkedIn lead generation. However, with so many social networks out there now, some of which are far newer than others, some clients wonder why we often focus […]

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

Guide to linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation is vital to any business. They help businesses target their marketing efforts, identify and connect with customers, and generate sales. It can be generated from various sources, such as email campaigns, webinars, and social media posts. Regardless of the source, leads must be turned into sales opportunities if they’re to have a […]

How to make the most of your LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn connections

Source: kinsta.com Want to know the secret to a successful LinkedIn presence? It all boils down to this. To be successful on LinkedIn you need to make the most of your connections. There are plenty of people on LinkedIn but only a small number of connections. You want to make sure you’re connecting with the […]

What are Endorsements on Linkedin?

What are Endorsements on LinkedIn

Linkedin is a fantastic platform to network and posts your skills. I refer to it as the business version of Facebook. You can post status updates and react to others’ posts. Your profile will consist of your past experiences, possibly a resume, and endorsements. What a minute, what are endorsements on Linkedin? This is not […]

Improving your Lead Generation Skills

lead generation skills

Lead generation is a lengthy process. If this is an area you want to get into, there is a lot more to learn. I will be going over some basic skills to help with the lead generation process. I won’t be discussing the different ways you can generate leads, such as email, social media, cold […]

The Complete Guide On How To Generate Leads Through Podcast Appearances

Leads Guide

Source: flckr Podcasting is an extremely popular form of lead generation – the process of getting people to express interest in your business. Oftentimes, however, podcast lead generation is framed around starting your own podcast, which takes a lot of time, effort and resources. What is less talked about is podcast lead generation through podcast appearances. This is when you […]

Pandemic Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation – Why You Need to Stay Active to Thrive


Over the past few months, we’ve spoken with a lot of business owners across all kinds of industries about lead generation and each company falls into one of just two categories. There are those who are continuing to actively invest during the pandemic in a forward-thinking sales and marketing growth strategy and those who are standing pat […]

How To Use LinkedIn As a Lead Prospecting Machine


Leads, leads, leads: it’s what we all want. Leads are the lifeblood of B2B organisations. Anyone can generate leads, but they’re of no value if they aren’t high quality. A lead that turns into a high quality prospect as defined by their fit with your target customer is often a challenge. We all know what bought data lists are […]