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Reach out to 600 qualified prospects per MONTH with our Linkedin Lead Generation Services

LinkedIn is a thriving platform filled with regular users — 500 million+ of them. That’s a HUGE source of high-quality leads waiting to be nurtured.

As one of the leading LinkedIn Lead Generation companies in the UK, we’ll capture those leads, for you to turn into new sources of business and revenue.

We will message 600 people per month with our Linkedin Lead Generation Services.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

We help amazing companies to attract more of their ideal clients using LinkedIn. Our B2B Lead Generation service has been carefully designed to build your online presence whilst also accurately reflecting your brand and positioning you as a trusted leader in your industry.

Network Expansion

We will connect you with more of your target audience, industry influencers and referral partners.

Engaging Content

We will ensure that valuable content is consistently shared with your target market.

Profile Optimisation

We’ll ensure that your key employees have a strong, conversion-focused Linkedin profile.

We Are A B2B Lead Generation Company

Every day, people are doing real business on LinkedIn. Whilst many companies have a presence on LinkedIn, they are not leveraging the full potential of the powerful platform.

It’s not just about forming connections – it’s about building viable relationships, and closing deals that are mutually beneficial. Our Linkedin lead generation experts can help you ensure you are connecting with and talking to your ideal prospects.

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Multi-Channel Lead Generation Approach

As a full-service lead generation agency, we are able to tailor our LinkedIn Lead generation services to your business goals.

This may involve us integrating our cold calling, cold email and appointment setting offering with our LinkedIn lead generation services to deliver maximum value.

We Practice What We Preach

Every day we reach out to over 500 people on LinkedIn to generate actual leads with high conversion rates. Our bespoke Lead Generation strategy of combining cold emailing, messaging, appointment setting and many more provide results which you signed up for!

  We don’t commit to performing to the bare minimum but go the extra mile, which makes us stand apart from all other lead generation service providers.

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Pearl Lemon Case Studies

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy Case Study

We helped a Toronto based tech firm to generate highly qualified leads. They were so pleased with the results that they offered us equity in their company.

In this video Deepak, our co-founder gives a detailed overview of how we implemented our B2B LinkedIn lead generation services and the results we achieved for the client.

Becoming An Influencer On LinkedIn Case Study

Our client Aarish Shah is a freelancer within the tech startup space. As we encourage all of our clients to improve their online brand and position themselves as a thought leader in their industries, we helped Aarish to establish his brand on LinkedIn.

This case study outlines how our LinkedIn B2B lead Generation services helped Aarish to generate more leads through his social profile.

Lead Generation Case Study

Here’s a video to walk you through some of the LinkedIn Lead generation techniques that we have used to help our clients to achieve their digital growth goals.

Schedule a call directly with our CEO, Deepak to discuss your lead generation goals, and how we can tailor our LinkedIn lead generation services to your business. We will perform a FREE lead generation audit to show you the results you can expect when working with us.

We Are Recognised as Leaders in the LinkedIn Lead Generation Space

LinkedIn Lead Generation has played a HUGE part in building up The Pearl Lemon Group (PLG)! We were featured in this SEMrush article in which Deepak Shukla explains how he generated $18,000 worth of proposals using LinkedIn within 3 months. We’ve also shared our thoughts on LinkedIn articles on the LinkedInformed podcast hosted by Mark Williams.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation FAQs

If you want to leverage the full power of your LinkedIn profile get in touch with us today! We’ll outline how our LinkedIn lead generation services can help you to grow your business.

To get lead generation on Linkedin you have to start by building your network. It is more than just building your network though, you have to make connections to the right people. By making connections with key decision-makers in your target industry you will have the opportunity to talk with those that may be interested in your product or service. You can also use countless tools to automate processes and send follow-up emails. Alternatively, you can call in the experts and we can help you crush your Linkedin lead generation.

LinkedIn lead generation is an outbound marketing strategy born out the rise of Web 2.0. Unlike many other social networks, professionals in every business niche, and at every level, see Linkedin as a valid source of networking opportunities and useful, credible information. In fact, it offers the largest digital gathering of professionals and decision-makers in the world and it boasts the highest per capita income per user.

Using LinkedIn for lead generation can be hugely effective, and is yet still underutilized and misunderstood. In the mistaken belief that the platform only allows its users to contact people they already know, lots of them see it as just a place to post an online resume or to connect with existing colleagues and ignore its lead generation potential entirely. At Pearl Lemon Leads we don’t do that and have, in fact, made huge use of the platform to grow the Pearl Lemon Group at a very rapid rate.

LinkedIn is not, demographics would suggest, as ‘large’ as Facebook and in terms of the number of accounts also still lags behind Twitter. As of December 2018, globally LinkedIn has 590 million registered users, 260 million of which are active on at least a monthly basis.

Where Linkedin shines as a B2B lead generation platform however is not in the quantity of the people active there but in the quality. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. Leads generated via LinkedIn are, therefore, often some of the highest quality of all.

To find leads on LinkedIn you do have to be engaged – and engaging – on the platform and you do have to be willing to put in the work. Leads can be generated via connection requests to new contacts via existing ones, via joining and participating in niche specific groups, via consistent content creation and marketing and much more. LinkedIn offers a wealth of lead generation possibilities for professionals in any field, but only when used as a part of a consistent, well-planned strategy.

Like the other major social media platforms, paid advertising has become a large part of LinkedIn’s general business model. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the paid social media marketing waters, LinkedIn is the best place to start for B2Bs and can be very effective. But, in terms of lead generation, as PPC ads and other paid placements are often seen by users as less trustworthy an organic lead generation strategy is still a must, even if you have decided to try ‘pay for play’.

Deepak Shukla, our co-founder has 10+ years experience using LinkedIn to generate leads. He is an expert in the field and has a YouTube channel dedicated to training others how to get the most out of the platform. Check it out here.

We have shared our insights with the wider Digital Marketing community. For example, we have featured in SEMrush and The LinkedInformed podcast.

We have accumulated a track record of getting hundreds of qualified leads for our clients. Be sure to check out our video case studies and get in touch with us to find out how our LinkedIn Lead Generation services can help you.

As part of the Pearl Lemon Group, we have access to SEO experts from Pearl Lemon SEO who can offer advice on getting your profile to show up in more searches on LinkedIn. We can also draw upon Pearl Lemon Videos, our sister agency who specialises in creating bespoke explainer videos. We can advise you on how you can generate more leads by promoting your explainer video.

If desired, when working with Pearl Lemon we can optimise your LinkedIn profile for you. This includes crafting an enticing headline, a professionally written summary, headshot suggestions (we can’t take that for you though!) header improvements, skill list organization, help in gaining skill endorsements and more.

As a Linkedin lead generation agency, we can help ensure your Linkedin profile is fully optimized.

If you have such a list we would be happy to review it and add it to the overall LinkedIn lead generation plan.

Usually no, unless you specifically ask us to. Our LinkedIn lead generation campaigns are designed to connect you with new prospects and new leads. However, if you are, for example, launching a new service or product you hope to promote via LinkedIn lead generation if you are unsure how to introduce it to your contacts we can help with that messaging.

No. We believe that there is no need to do that as experience has shown us that is it personalized messages that work best in terms of LinkedIn lead generation. People are often suspicious these days of InMail messages as they are now frequently used by spammers and those only looking to advertise their services directly.

Yes. We understand that we are representing you and we want to ensure that the content we create reflects your tone, goals and values. All that we ask is that when the copy is sent for your review that you do so as promptly as possible.

Yes, it’s important that your profile is kept up to date, both in terms of your personal details and in terms of posting blogs, updates and articles. This is so that leads visiting your profile can see that you are active and involved in your industry. However, don’t worry if creating content and attracting visitors to your profile is not something you’re confident in doing. The team at Pearl Lemon Leads are experts in the field and can keep your LinkedIn profile fully stocked with fresh content multiple times per week.

We offer full reporting on all of our LinkedIn lead generation activities and you can request a meeting with one of our team at any time if there are specific concerns you wish to discuss as the campaign progresses.

LinkedIn is not, demographics would suggest, as ‘large’ as Facebook, and in terms of the number of accounts also still lags behind Twitter. As of December 2018, globally, LinkedIn has 590 million registered users, 260 million of which are active on at least a monthly basis.

Where Linkedin shines as a B2B lead generation platform, however, is not in the quantity of the people active there but in the quality. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and 40 million are in decision-making positions. Leads generated via LinkedIn are, therefore, often, some of the highest quality of all.

Group targeting is a great way of reaching specialized, engaged professionals who have chosen to sign up to a particular niche group. As an example, rather than just targeting all marketing professionals with your campaign, you can target people in say, digital marketing, who have demonstrated an active interest in the area. This is likely to result in leads who will be more receptive to your product or service.

InMail is LinkedIn’s internal message system. It can be used (for a price) to send targeted messages to potential leads. People on LinkedIn are far more likely to open and read a message in their personal inbox than they are to respond to a sidebar advert. However, at Pearl Lemon Leads we prefer to make connections with leads so that we can send them personalized messages that way, as we find that works better than an InMail campaign.

You have to make it as personal as you can – the recipient should not feel like they’re one of thousands reading the same message. You can use information available on LinkedIn to establish common ground, for example an old school or college, a mutual connection, or industry chat. It’s fine to be a bit humorous or quirky – just don’t overdo it! Keep it chatty and include some questions about the recipient and they will respond naturally.

It’s surprising just how underrated and underused LinkedIn is as a platform for lead generation, but it’s a marketing tactic that is proven to work, and is growing all the time. Check out our case studies to find out how LinkedIn lead generation has worked for our previous clients.

Have no worries, we are the premier Linkedin outreach agency. We will create a custom plan for your B2B Linkedin lead generation.

Absolutely. In fact we believe that a balanced campaign that utilizes all the lead generation services that will benefit your business is often the most effective of all. We will tailor a lead generation strategy that is unique to you and your business and will even change and tweak it as we go to ensure you get the best possible ROI on your investment in Pearl Lemon Leads’ lead generation services.

No. Our team has years of experience in LinkedIn lead generation and ensure that everything they do stays within the boundaries of LinkedIn’s Terms of Service. We do not send spam messages, we do not break message limits and we keep in mind, at all times, that we are representing you, and will do so in the best possible way.

Yes, we’d love to start a conversation with you. Please book a call here, and we’ll answer any, and every question you might have.

Pearl Lemon Leads provides the best Linkedin lead generation service London has to offer.

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us! If you’d prefer to speak directly to a consultant, book a call!