15 Surefire Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

When you struggle to build brand-new leads, it is the right call to kick-start the lead-generation process with social media. Traditional channels have become obsolete nowadays; hence, social media can give engaged and top-notch leads only when you know how to get started with efficient outreach! 

Those organizations utilizing the best lead generation strategies on social media can obtain seamless results across the funnel, generating higher revenue growth, boosting brand awareness & creating conversions, acquiring improved sales productivity, and building a greater sense of community for the followers & advocates. 

However, for marketers ready to outstrip brand engagement and awareness, knowing how to obtain the best leads on social media is vital. So, let us start with the 15 sure-fire ways of lead generation with social media! 

Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

Generate Leads with Social Media

1. Optimize your social media profile

In order to accumulate leads organically, you must plan your subsequent social media lead campaign strategically. First, your social media profile should be intriguing, which means it must contain your contact details, a website link in your bio, and a CTA button. Before incorporating contact details on your social media profile, remember to add support customer inquiries by email, phone, or another way. Moreover, adding a link and a CTA button in your bio will help people understand why they must click and what they will get.

2. Social media ads

Are you struggling with lead generation from social media? If yes, social media ads are the leading ways to consider! Impeccable targeting features, letting brands reach pertinent audiences with accuracy, fuel these ads. Social media is a broad way to sell your oil paintings from pictures by promoting them, get more audience engagement, and appear in front of more people. However, you may also geo-target your advertisements to reach audiences in particular locations where you plan to propagate your business. Such a remarkable lead-generating way from social media can improve your sales funnel efficiently.

3. Promote gated content

The most hassle-free way to generate leads is to promote gated content on social channels, as these are the excellent megaphone to flaunt your work globally. However, do you know that social media lead generation demands an SSL certificate as a significant part of social media marketing? There are Comodo SSL, Thawte SSL certificate, RapidSSL cert, RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, which are the best certs to ensure that your site visitors can execute a private and secure search. However, by creating posts that redirect your users to the landing page, where they can fill out a form, you might generate brand-new leads & foster existing ones in the marketing database.

4. Generate click-worthy content

Everybody on social platforms seeks attention, and they are fighting for it. You will accumulate leads with engaging content. However, audiences’ attention spans are transient if you forget to add relevant and sharp images and construct your content uniquely. As your purpose is to produce more leads, be sure to customize your vision to support it. Therefore, with the help of clickable content, you can ensure that every post possesses a clear link and an alluring CTA.

5. Use chatbots to automate your social media lead generating

Chatbots and instant messaging features are trendy nowadays and have become top-notch weapons for marketers. Those websites with chatbots added can allow companies to associate with their existing and prospective customers better than a human can. At the same time, it can drastically reduce the overhead charges. However, 12% of people nowadays use Facebook Messenger, which means you, as a business owner, will succeed by reaching out to your potential customers. Utilizing an AI-powered Chatbot, you can invent a concrete social media engagement strategy and obtain your coveted lead generation objectives.

6. Webinars, Hangouts, and Live Videos

Another best-in-class lead generation strategy is live videos, webinars, and hangouts. Often the business owners execute webinars on a specific topic with prior registration. The notion is to accumulate several leads. On the other hand, the best example of Hangouts is Google Hangouts, where the person who wants to generate leads can invite up to 150 people to join the platform. Lastly, enterprises often conduct live videos to make exciting announcements about any event or answer a few questions.

7. Referral campaigns

Generate Leads with Social Media Another way of lead generation from social media is referral marketing. Simple incentives can encourage consumers and followers to recommend their friends and family who might be enthusiastic about your goods or services. The motto is that the more people know about your brand, the more they will be keen to sign up for the newsletter or make a direct purchase. You should create a decisive victory for all parties involved by rewarding your referrers with coupons, gifts, and fidelity discounts.

8. Social selling

Although social selling is not a direct strategy to generate leads on social media, it is a distinct way of weighing up selling. The best sales process is built on education and relationships instead of cold pitching and leads. However, it is not just an infatuation or a theory. Even though it is a relatively new approach, statistics and research demonstrate that it is very compelling for producing high-quality leads on social media.

9. Polls and surveys

You must ask your audience instead of musing about what they care about! Upon questioning, they can provide abundant knowledge; hence, polls can give you an extraordinary way for people to show their points of view. In addition, it is a beautiful way of obtaining vital feedback on how people utilize your product, what they would like to see on your roadmap, and what their pain points are. To boost response rates, you can even provide incentives.

10. Social media video marketing

Every business is nowadays adapting social media video marketing for strong lead generation. Web Marketing Video Council has surveyed that 60% of brands use videos on their social channels. Such videos can be stories, comments on social posts, updates, and profile videos created and shared on social media. The key steps to generating a successful social media video marketing master plan are defining the objectives, deciding on the platform, selecting the video types, and planning content production.

11. Click through to a landing page

A landing page of a website is to transform leads into customers. For example, a landing page for WordPress Cloud Hosting, Magento Cloud Hosting, etc., should be available if you sell cloud hosting. If you don’t have a gated piece of information that can be shared on social media, constructing a landing page is an excellent option. Notably, social media users dislike sudden promotions, and sharing landing pages falls within that category. Considering this, you must emphasize paid or sponsored promotions when promoting your landing pages.

12. Social media influences

While advertisements can produce moderate leads, renowned social media influencers can generate engaged and qualified leads for your business. Furthermore, this influencer marketing is manageable like ads as it targets people via the content rather than through undesirable ads. Therefore, the preference can make a significant difference in terms of your lead generation rate.

13. Create compelling social media quizzes

Content marketers make more and more efforts to create attractive and effective social media content to generate more leads. However, not all content functions as anticipated. For example, alluring social media quizzes can increase conversions by 70%, whereas 50% of the quiz partakers have already subscribed to an email list for higher engagement. Social media quizzes are considered the most competitive content format that marketers bypass as a durable strategy. However, when implemented into a brand’s marketing strategy, they can produce leads and boost engagement, offering value to your audience. Lastly, personality quizzes are highly renowned quiz forms people love participating in.

14. Utilize social media listening for B2B lead generation

It takes a lot of effort to conduct successful social marketing. Therefore, what is a superb strategy for you to stand out? Essential social listening tools are the only ones that can make it happen. You may better understand your audience, the posts they follow, and their online conversations using social media listening systems, which also aid you with your digital marketing strategy. Active social listening has further advantages for customer service, brand reputation management, and online sales. It has been stated that 54% of customers like social messaging platforms for support more than email or phone.

15. Analytical measurement and improvement

You must also accumulate analytics insights if you are gathering social media leads. To track leads on your website, create goals in Google Analytics. This will enable you to track which social media network is the most effective source for your company. For instance, it would be worthwhile to focus more on LinkedIn if you see that it performs better than Facebook. You can also determine the best-performing creativity and messaging by using social analytics tools. Social media platforms demand the lowest cost and are one of the fastest ways to produce several leads. So, these are the 15 absolute ways to successful lead generation through social media. So, have you succeeded in leveraging social media for lead generation? Tell us your success stories in the comment section below!