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Guest accommodation and lodgings are the hotel industry’s primary focus. 

And we all know what that means–using more marketing techniques to secure more clients!

In industries like this, it is best to utilise several to reach prospects from all angles.

Cold calling is proactively reaching out to potential clients through phone calls to sell one’s product and service(s) directly. 

It is one of the hardest and the most old-fashioned strategies that still work today. Salespeople usually frown upon this given its difficulty and the grave fact that they will receive more than one rejection in this strategy. 

It is said to be referred to by many as a dead promotional strategy because most sales teams in all industries don’t and can’t do it right.

They use ineffective and outdated ploys, which makes their success rate low or even zero. 

Still, cold calling is vital as a marketing strategy and part of hotels’ sales process. 

This is why you have to make sure that you utilise this technique so you can reap all the benefits it has to offer. 

How can you make sure? 

Pearl Lemon Leads is the answer.

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Cold Calling For Hotel Industry Is An Effective Sales Technique

Cold calling for hotel industry, although unnerving and even discouraging for most, actually has some pros of its own. 

It is good to look back on these advantages whenever you feel discouraged about implementing and executing cold calling as your marketing strategy.

1. Directly know your prospect.

There is only so much that your preliminary research can give you, and there is only so much that the client will willingly give you. However, on a phone call with someone, you can know much more than just one’s browsing histories and usually searched products. 

Most importantly, you are free to ask relevant questions. 

These relevant questions will give you an idea of how you’d pitch your product or services to your client in a way that will resonate with them. 

Once you make them feel that you are genuinely interested in their stories, you build a positive relationship with them, which will make them trust you enough to share more about the questions you’d ask.

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2. Higher response rate

Compared to other methods of cold communication, cold calling is generally more successful in terms of response rate. 

I mean, how can one not notice the ringing of a phone, right?

Unlike emails or text messages, where messages will most likely be mixed up with other spam emails or simply not notify the user at all.

3. Instant feedback

Just like the previous advantages, of course, you also get instant and even real-time feedback from your clients once they answer your call. 

Once you have established rapport with your client, one of the many qualitative and relevant pieces of information you can ask for is their feedback on your service. 

Do they think you did well? Do they see you as someone fit for the job? Were they engaged and interested after the sales pitch?

The answers and feedback collected from these can be used to serve your customers better by matching their needs and wants with your product.

4. Cost-effective

Surprisingly, the price for cold calling software is a lot more adorable than you’d think. 

Basic plans for outbound call software usually range from $14 – 50 per month. Compared to other sales strategies, this is a relatively low price.

5. Remote marketing and sales

This advantage is available to all cold communication, but we think it is most attributable to cold calling.

With cold calling, you can make calls from anywhere in the world–pitching your product and directly engaging with your client without being confined within an infrastructure. 

You can even automate this entire process with cold calling software!  


How Does Cold Calling Work?

Cold calling involves quite a simple process. This allows salespeople and cold callers to perform this marketing strategy frequently (20 to 30 times) during a day without worrying about complexities that might hinder the job from being done correctly. 

The process of cold calling is summarised through the following steps:

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1. Relate to your prospect

The first step is to relate to the client and match their vibe. 

Especially in a scenario where there is distrust and prejudice against you, the first step must be to capture their trust and make friends with them. Create an educational interaction to do away with the challenge.

2. Talk

Keep the conversation going. Ensure that dead air is kept at a bare minimum. And, as previously stated, relate to the prospect first. 

This will give you insight into what they need. Afterwards, introduce the product you’re offering, relating it to their need(s). 

This way, the client will feel you have a deep regard for their financial situation and genuinely care about it.

3. Don't forget that you're here for business.

Of course, you’re trying to establish rapport and trust with the client, but don’t forget that the purpose for doing so is business. 

While talking, see where you can incorporate some selling points to persuade the client slowly. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and show that you are better. 

Once done correctly, it will substantially increase your clients and, in turn, revenue.

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Pearl Lemon Leads Can Help

Pearl Lemon Leads’ cold-calling experts are trained to find leads and customers. Their services are made for today’s business professionals. They go through a lot of training and are willing to work with whatever the client wants.

By putting our cold callers through rigorous testing, we have shown that they are both practical and efficient and can be easily adapted to a wide range of corporate settings.

They have a level of skill that is unmatched and can’t be found anywhere else.

Even though cold calling has a bad reputation, it is still widely used in many fields today, even though some people think it is an old-fashioned way to find leads.

When it comes to getting to know potential clients personally, cold calling them on the phone is still the best way to do it. This makes it possible to build long-term business relationships that would not be possible any other way.

Start filling up all those empty rooms in your hotel by booking a call with us.

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