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Online businesses, and ecommerce, have seen exponential growth these days. Be it because of the pandemic when everything had to be ordered online for months, or just because everyone now is a consumer of ecommerce

What’s certain is that ecommerce is thriving. 

Well, this isn’t really news to you. This might even be why you ventured into this field. 

But also, it is not news to your competitors, who may or may not have entered the field for the same reason as yours. 

The point is that running an online business is challenging

You can go on perfecting your products and doing your best to keep business running, and still, you might face the problem that your conversions are lower than your expectations

Or you don’t have enough customers. 

And at times that you do, the next problem would be that it seems impossible to build meaningful relationships with them and retain them as your customers

Well, let us present you with an effective solution–email marketing. 

You might have heard of it. You might even be currently practising it. 

But if you’re still here reading up about it, then clearly, something’s wrong

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Email Marketing In A Nutshell

Email marketing is a strategy to promote your business, product, or brand to your customers through emails. It is helpful in marketing and advertising, engaging with your customers, and acquiring qualified leads. 

It is one of the most effective marketing strategies, almost guaranteeing profit with its $42 return on every dollar invested. 

Aside from that, email marketing has helped other ecommerce businesses in terms of their:



Be it acquiring, retaining and converting back clients who have initially abandoned their shopping cart, email marketing is a friend for you. 

Emails are generally more engaging and more encouraging for conversation and building trust. It helps you get through to your clients. 

So as long as you have (legally) acquired their email addresses, it is best to keep in touch.

Mailing List

Since it helps you build strong relationships with your clients, you can expect them to refer you to other potential customers

This means you get to grow your mailing list and, consequently, your reach. Remember that a long mailing list of qualified leads would mean a long list of customers for your business, so keep them coming!

Domain Authority

Marketing emails will usually include a link to your page; this is usually a part of your email’s call to action. Consequently, it is also an excellent way to increase your website’s traffic

In addition to domain authority and increased traffic, your social media following will also increase. This is because people, potential customers, are getting to know you

Aren’t these good enough reasons and proofs of email marketing’s effectiveness?

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What Can You Expect From Email Marketing

There is a lot to expect with email marketing. But, we believe your expected result would be more clients and revenue. Which, if email marketing is done properly and expertly, is guaranteed. 

More specifically, your business can score big wins with:

Brand awareness and brand reputation

Email marketing is generally getting in touch with potential or existing clients–striking up conversations through promotional emails. 

This would mean increasing their awareness of your business for potential clients. They will know you and will most likely purchase from your business if they’d need to. 

For current clients, they’d feel special and even more interactive if you emailed them. They’d think that they’re essential for your business (which is true). This increases your brownie points and brand reputation to these customers.

Qualified lead generation

If you’re in the business of ecommerce, we’d assume you’re aware of lead generation or, in layman’s terms, attracting potential clients

As the previous bullet says, email marketing increases your brand awareness; it constitutes qualified leads or customers who will most likely avail of your products or services.

Sales Prospect Nurturing

Email marketing, or any marketing strategy, makes you more hopeful of higher returns. Your sales prospect is nurtured, and you feel you’d gain more profit.

Starting honest, meaningful conversations that translate directly into increased sales and revenue.

The crux of the matter–increased sales and revenue. This will be guaranteed once you’ve established strong relationships with your clients and will soon attract more clients. 

Email marketing will pave the way for that.

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Let's Get Those Sales Up

E-commerce and email marketing go hand in hand so that a firm may interact with customers who will improve their sales by purchasing their products. E-commerce and email marketing are complementary to one another.

Our email marketing experts can aid you in growing your business by ensuring that you have a strong relationship and brand positioning with your clients and consumers and assisting you in turning these people into sales. 

With more than 27 years of experience, Pearl Lemon Leads is the man for the job.

So, what do you say? Let’s get those sales up? 

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The funny thing is, it was never close to dying. With 4 billion people who have emails and 99% of which check their emails every day, it is to be expected that email marketing would be effective. And it is. More effective than ever.

The short and straightforward answer is that you will feel more engaged and see more sales. However, if you’re like us and like to see technicalities and the specifics, there are some core metrics and key performance indicators that you can check out.

Email click-through rates

As the name suggests, email CTRs are the number of times people click through your email. If you have a high click-through rate, you have interesting content that your recipients click through your email. Having a high CTR means more site traffic!

Email Deliverability

Cold emails, if done incorrectly, get redirected to one’s Spam or Junk folder, which shouldn’t be the case. That would mean that there’s something wrong with your email content. You can check your email deliverability and make necessary changes to ensure that your emails reach your customers. 

Open Rates

The number of times people open your email. High open rates mean that you have a good and engaging email subject. People are interested in seeing what you sent. 

Conversion rates

This is the rate of how much your recipients turn from mere leads to actual customers. An upward trend in conversion rates will mean the effectiveness of email marketing. It shows that you have gained more profit with email marketing.

Subscription rates

The end goal shouldn’t be just to make them buy; instead, it should make them subscribe. Subscription rates show the number of people who turned into loyal customers. These people will be a part of your marketing strategies through referrals.

Email marketing has been around long before social media, native advertising, or even Google advertisements. It continues to be the marketing approach with the highest return on investment (ROI) for various reasons.

Does it work for ecommerce? Absolutely. 

You can read some jaw-dropping examples of DNVBs (Digitally Native Vertical Brands), Harry’s and Casper if you’d like. With the help of email marketing, both companies were able to raise the profile of their brands and experience rapid expansion in their own highly saturated markets. 

Consider your products and business while creating content. For example, in the fashion industry context, it’s pointless to discuss the stock market. We prevent situations that might hurt your company‘s bottom line. 

Keep in mind that it is good to introduce yourself and make them see your business for your content. You can use infographics, visualisations, case studies, essays, films, and blog entries.

We know each customer is unique; thus, our pricing is determined case-by-case. We currently have three plans to choose from.

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