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Digital marketers wear many hats. 

They usually use many digital channels to reach people, increase brand awareness, and promote and market their products. 

We, Pearl Lemon Leads, are digital marketers as well. 

And from one digital marketer to another, we know how taxing digital marketing is. 

You have to consider and be mindful of many things just to ensure that your clients receive the best marketing and service they can get. You may get so occupied with marketing your client that you forget to market yourselves. Or, you may need a helping hand to market yourself for specific reasons. 

Either way, you know what to do.

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Email Marketing for Digital Marketers

You may have an idea or two about email marketing already. 

But to be clear, email marketing is a direct digital marketing method that uses emails to promote a product, increase brand awareness, and connect with qualified leads for a business. 

It is the most straightforward and effective way to engage with your potential customers and nurture them to avail of your services. 

You can use it for acquisition, retention, branding, engagement, and more. It is a highly flexible and versatile marketing strategy that a business can employ. 

However, email marketing has a much deeper purpose aside from all those. That is, to establish your brand in the customer’s mind. 

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Email marketing, being highly customisable and personal, makes it easy for you to connect with your customers deeper and get them to get to know you better. 

With 4.26 billion people owning an email account and with 91% of them accessing their emails at least once a day, one can just imagine the amount of revenue one may collect if they connect and convince all these people to utilise your services. 

This is why you need email marketing. 

You may be aware of many other marketing strategies as a digital marketer. But with email marketing serving both as a direct digital marketing strategy, rest assured that this is one strategy worth your investment. 

Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Employ

You know that no one strategy can be used to fix all your email marketing problems, right? Every client you may work with is different and thus needs personalisation, just like how we deal with you.

For that matter, here are different strategies that we know can help your business.

1. Personalisation

Placing their name in the subject of the newsletters or emails you send and creating your email based on your audience’s interests– are just some of the many ways you can personalise your emails. 

Customers won’t appreciate being treated like they are just another number. Make them feel valuable and memorable– -take your time drafting an email just for them. 

Another manifestation of this is making your emails mobile-friendly. 61% of marketing emails are accessed on a mobile device. With this in mind, optimising your email so it can be easily read, even on a mobile setup, is best.

You can also achieve personalisation by sending out your emails at a specific time of day. 

Once you establish your email list, you should take note of their time zones and ensure that you send the correct email to the right person at the right time. 

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2. Customer Appreciation Emails

This is another demonstration of valuing your customers. 

Appreciation can be shown to customers via email by sending a birthday message to a recurring customer, along with promos or discounts, or through “Thank you” emails after the user has purchased your services. 

This tactic helps promote customer satisfaction while increasing the probability of customers spreading positive feedback about your business to others.

3. Behavioural-based Segmentation

Though a lengthy process, rest assured that it is worth it. 

You can segment your customers on various categories like company size and industry to use these categories for tailoring an email specifically for them. 

This segmentation assists you in getting better conversion rates, leads, revenues, and return on investment (ROI)  instead of crafting a generic message to everyone. 

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4. Customer Feedback and Suggestions

As a marketer, you should know this is all about what the customers want. The best way to figure that out is if we ask them. 

Raising questions for suggestions on a recent acquisition, starting to ask what you can do better moving forward, and other check-up queries are helpful to demonstrate your concern and raise your awareness of your business. 

Just be careful not to ask many complicated questions to encourage your customers to continue answering. 

Again, no one strategy can answer all your needs. These strategies are only examples we have collected that we feel might be helpful for you. Once you work with us, you can also ask our experts about implementing these strategies for your campaigns.

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As a result of being preoccupied with marketing for others, you may ignore your marketing. This is because marketing is already time-consuming, and having to promote for others and yourself may already be taking up too much of your time.

But email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tactics available, if not the most effective.

Aside from the high return on investment, the flexibility of email marketing helps you to ensure that your company is marketed in the most effective way possible.

And indeed, it may appear to be a lengthy procedure. However, when working with an email marketing business with more than 27 years of experience, this is a piece of cake.

Allow us to assist you in marketing yourself while you are marketing others. Allow our devoted team of specialists to take care of the details of emailing clients for you. 

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Yes, of course. It is common for marketers to send email newsletters as a marketing strategy. 

The thing with email marketing is it is very cost-effective. There isn’t that much to spend on, yet you get a broad reach as people highly patronise it. 

It is good to take advantage of this information and just send emails, newsletter emails, to your potential clients. 

Here are four types of emails that are guaranteed to be of help to you.

  • Promotional Emails: These motivate your customers to avail of your services. This may come in the form of sales or discount announcements. 
  • Retention Emails: These are emails meant to retain customers you currently have. An example of this would include customer appreciation emails. 
  • Acquisition Emails: These are emails for your potential clients or qualified leads. These emails are sent to market yourself to potential customers and get them to avail of your services. 
  • Newsletters: These are emails that are exclusively sent to customers that have subscribed to the newsletter. These emails notify customers of upcoming brand service or product updates. 

Email metrics are how we measure the success of a campaign. You may check these with the help of email marketing tools. Some metrics that we think are especially important are as follows:

  1. Deliverability Rate: The quantity of emails that successfully made it to your target recipient’s inbox. This provides insight on whether your emails get past the email algorithm and not just go into the Spam folder. 
  2. Open Rate: This show how many opened your email. It is good to check this to gain insight into which kinds of emails customers are more likely to check out. 

Click-Through Rate: This shows the percentage of subscribers who interacted with your email (usually clicking the link to your page or email). This is perhaps the most crucial metric rate to check as it shows which emails are effective in your email marketing campaign.

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