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To further a social cause and provide a public benefit–nonprofits sure sound noble. And it is. 

But, on the sidelines are likely nonprofit volunteers and employees juggling tasks they barely have time for, fundraising activities, maintaining connections with donors, and contributing to their more significant cause.

In short, hands down to nonprofits and their volunteers

But what if I tell you we can help you so that you don’t have to work too hard? And that we can help with at least two of those problems?

Email marketing is a tool that will help you get and keep in touch with your donors most efficiently. 

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Benefits of Email Marketing For Nonprofits

Email marketing is the practice of sending out promotional information, newsletters, and other brand-related messages to potential customers through email.

Email marketing can inform, pitch to, and stay in touch with your contacts. 

To further understand the benefits of email marketing, we have compiled a list for you:

1. Cost-efficiency

Every cent counts while working in the non-profit sector. Thus it is critical to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely.

To their credit, email marketing is a cost-effective means of getting a message through.

These expensive and time-consuming appeals and sponsored adverts don’t apply to you. Email marketing is a low-cost marketing method with a high return on investment.

In fact, charitable organisations are claimed to raise an average of $78 for every 1,000 fundraising emails sent. Isn’t it cool?

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2. Intimate and Expansive

We’ve all come to expect that most of our interactions occur online these days. If you use email marketing, you’ll be able to get in touch with everyone who has an email account (actually, around 4 billion people).

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the next best thing to a one-on-one interaction when it comes to persuading and connecting with a customer.

When it comes to email marketing, it’s both direct and digital, allowing you to communicate with your customers in a way that’s both personalised and tailored to their interests.

In this way, you don’t have to be concerned that you’ll have to resort to sending generic emails since you can’t personally contact everyone.

To ensure that your message reaches every individual on your email list, email marketing is the best option. What one contact receives is meaningful to them since you influence what they see.

To further improve the quality of your emails and the content you generate, you may acquire more information on how your contact engaged with your message through email marketing.

3. Encourages the formation of relationships

Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing, as we have already stated. You’ll be able to communicate directly with your contact, whether they’re someone new to your cause or someone who’s already contributed.

As long as you get them hooked the first time, continuing the discussion will be a piece of cake.

Donor emails have greatly improved in recent years as well. Instead of filling out donation forms by hand, people may now donate and support causes with only a few clicks on their mobile devices.

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The Need To Outsource Email Marketers

Maybe you’d wonder, why can’t I just do it alone?

Well, you actually can. There is a lot of email marketing software that you can personally enjoy. 

However, the main point is to ease you of some problems working in a non-government organisation, not to add up. 

Not to mention, email marketing has its tricky complexities. We suggest hiring experts, so you don’t waste money and time just to flop. 

Plus, won’t you be too busy with your tasks, fundraisers and campaigns to widen your reach and gain more giving?

There are far too many things left to do. But you don’t have to worry. 

If you outsource us as your email marketing partner, you will avoid some problems while creating more promising opportunities. 

Let Us Help You

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods available today, if not the most effective marketing strategy. 

Aside from the high return on investment, the flexibility of email marketing helps you to ensure that your company is marketed in the most effective way possible.

And indeed, it may appear to be complicated. However, when working with an email marketing agency with more than 27 years of experience, this is a piece of cake.

Let us assist you in achieving your goals through our award-winning customer service. Allow our devoted team of specialists to take care of the details of becoming famous.

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Email marketing allows you to connect primarily with your benefactors and still stay on top of your mountain of workload. 

We have compiled a list of possible reasons nonprofits should engage in email marketing. 

1. It’ll help develop your donor base.

Thank you messages, newsletters, updates, and promotional content can now be done most efficiently with AI tools and email automation under the email marketing plan. 

You can further your engagements and relationship with donors and possible donors in just a few clicks. 

Not to mention, your donors will feel a sense of appreciation and warmth when they see a personalised email. 

They will feel that the email sent to them is well-prepared and exclusive. This encourages more interaction and engagement from your audience. 

2. It’ll help expand your reach.

Well, while the first item is about retaining your previous donors, this is about ensuring that your previous donors receive such a good email from you that they start recommending you to other potential donors

As a nonprofit organisation, connections and big audiences are critical. You can further your connections as an organisation with a good email marketing strategy. 

3. It’ll drive more donations.

Of course, more donations are expected to follow with a better reach and a better loyal donor base. 

Your contacts are more likely to contribute and help your organisation’s cause with the correct email. 

You may be overwhelmed with the number of services and software. Here are some factors that can help you decide:

1. Affordability

Again, nonprofits are usually tight in the budget area. It is not good to spend it on unnecessarily expensive emailing software. 

Take your time finding a low-cost or even free marketing tool that will be effective for your organisation. 

2. Features offered

These are on the technical side of email marketing. It is good to check that the software you’ll choose has the following features:

Email templates. Templates are always good. It helps you not start from scratch. See to it that your software gives you access to customisable email templates

Signup form builder. This will be helpful when your organisation conducts a campaign or petitions. They also allow you to collect more subscribers that you can put to your email list. 

Automation. This lets you trigger emails to your contacts for more defined scenarios to save you some time

Segmentation and personalisation. You want to make sure you can segment your list to ease you with the personalisation part. Also, it is email’s perk and edge from other platforms to be highly customisable. You must see that the software you choose will not limit you from customising your emails. 

Landing page builder. Emails usually include links that, when clicked, will give more traffic to your site. This feature will make it easy to create pages for those links. 

Built-in CRM. CRM or Customer Relationship Management allows you to store contact data and details for personalisation purposes. 

3. Ease of Use

The best tool is the one that brings out the best in you. Make sure to choose a tool that won’t consume more of your time because you have to learn all the overly complicated tools it offers. 

These are just some of the many factors you’ll have to consider in email marketing software. 

Yes, there are a lot. Have second thoughts? You can just let us handle this for you.

Okay, assuming you realised it is better to outsource an agency for your email marketing. Good. 

The next question is, who, from the many agencies there is?

As an NGO, you always remember that the money you spend is donated. So, first is, of course, choosing a partner that is within the budget yet is efficient enough to get the job done. 

Then, remember that your choices reflect that of your organisation. Hence, choose a partner that supports you and your mission. Do a background check and research on agencies before partnering up with them. 

Go for a partner that aligns with your goals.

Pearl Lemon Leads is a leader in lead generation and email marketing. We use highly strategised methodologies and top-tier resources as part of our commitment to providing the best service possible.

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