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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions relating to lead generation. If you have a question that hasn’t been covered here, get in touch with us!

A lead is a potential customer – someone who has indicated in some way that they might be interested in your product or service, but has not yet made the decision to buy and become a customer. Once this happens, the lead is qualified before attending a meeting to be converted to a sale.

This is the practice of searching for people who might become leads. Various methods can be used to spark awareness and interest in a brand, like discount coupons, blogs or shared social media posts.

It is so important in a business of any size to think ahead. Even if your sales are healthy now, a good lead generation strategy is essential to ensure that future quarters can show the same, or even better figures. Lead generation keeps the traffic flowing to your website and gives your sales team more chances to convert.

Lead generation really falls into the category of marketing, as it is about attracting potential customers to a brand and forwarding their details to the sales team to convert. However, it is important that there is plenty of communication between departments to ensure that the leads generated are suitable for the sales team to work with.

Picturing an ordinary funnel – wide at the top and narrow at the bottom – is a great way of understanding the lead generation process, which is why you come across the term so often in the industry. The wide section of the funnel represents the total number of people who might see a marketing outreach. This is ‘poured’ into the funnel and the lead generation process works its magic until customers appear at the other end.

Yes, you can, but this is really not recommended. Yes, in the short term you will instantly have a lot of leads, but they will not necessarily be interested in what you are offering. When you communicate with purchased leads, you run a much greater risk of being accused of spamming practices.

Organic leads are those that come to you rather than vice versa. This might be via a search engine, when someone who had not previously heard of your company discovers it in search results as a result of a query. Or someone might see a blog or social media post you have written. These kind of leads are far more likely to be converted into sales than bought lists of leads.

A qualified lead is one that has the authority to make the kind of decisions you want them to, who is likely to have a need for what you are offering, and the finance to back them up. They also need to be at the right stage in their buying journey. The team at Pearl Lemon Leads specializes in gathering the right kind of data to find these qualified leads for you.

This simple acronym is used as a way of measuring qualified leads. It stands for Budget – Authority – Need – Timeline. So you can use it as a checklist for a lead: do they have the budget for what you are offering? Do they have decision-making authority? Do they have a need for your product or service? Does their buying timeline align with yours?

We work across a variety of channels to deliver the best lead-generation results for our clients, both in terms of quality and quantity. These channels include: email, blogs, social media, podcasts, SEO, webinars, video marketing, ebooks and whitepapers.

Yes, absolutely. Aligned with more traditional marketing methods, social media is a rich source of leads. We make use of all the top platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to create content that will attract new leads to your brand.

Not everybody does. However, successful lead generation is an art learned through many years of experience, and not everyone is lucky enough to have someone with the necessary expertise within the company already. Pearl Lemon Leads is packed full of these lead-generation superstars, and lead generation is our one focus. We can do this for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Yes. If you’ve left a CTA elsewhere, for example within a blog or social media page, you need to create a landing page that links from the CTA. The page should make sense to the visitor coming in in the context of the blog or post they have just read. If the post was about an offer, this needs to be crystal clear on the landing page. Just directing visitors to a home page can look unprofessional and negatively affect user experience.

It’s not enough for us to generate leads – we pride ourselves on only connecting you with qualified decision makers in your relevant industries. Our team are experts in the field, and we at Pearl Lemon Leads have won awards for the innovativeness of our approach to lead generation. We know that your business is unique, and so we make sure our work for you is customized to meet your exact needs.

After the initial launch, we produce a report every two weeks for our clients. We make sure that every report contains relevant data, learnings, and next steps. The two-week period allows us to build a deeper understanding of the target market and implement changes and optimizations very rapidly. In addition to this full report every two weeks, there will be a day-to-day report sheet that will be frequently updated.

From the day that we begin the billing month (usually the same day that we do the onboarding process) we take five business days to completely set up your campaign, including the technical components, accounts, domains, copywriting, targeting and lists built and personalized. On the fifth day we will send everything to you for approval, and once approved we will launch straightaway. Then we will spend the next one to two weeks building data through rapid testing of different industries, approaches, tones of voice, accounts and positioning, to really understand which route to take to book you the highest quality meetings with the best chances of conversion.

Deepak will be looking over the project from a high-level point of view in terms of optimization, while your direct point of contact will be Bogdan, who is the project manager here at Pearl Lemon Leads. He will be helping you with any questions you may have as well as providing reports and any other good stuff!

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