From cold outreach to warm lead, let us build your pipeline for you!


We will identify the key decision-makers within your target market and set up conversations between you and them.

Cold Email Campaigns

We manually build and split test personalised email campaigns! Our expert copywriters will also ensure that you get maximum delivery rates!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We have built a tried and tested system for following up with leads via LinkedIn and essentially building up your network


Lead generation is a process that involves attracting and converting prospects into someone who has demonstrated some interest in the products and services your company has to offer.

We are a B2B lead generation agency in London, UK, however, we serve clients all over the world! We help our clients to capture and nurture more qualified leads so that they can achieve their growth goals!



A recent study revealed that outsourcing lead generation activities to a lead generation company is 43% more efficient than doing your own lead generation in-house.

Hiring an agency with b2b lead generation experts who have a deep understanding of how to generate qualified leads and who have experience using various b2b lead generation tools across channels can help you to ultimately generate more sales.

The best B2B lead generation companies will be able to generate leads at scale, whilst also focusing on the needs of your business to ensure that every business prospect is a strong and viable opportunity for your business.


As a b2b lead generation agency with an in-house team of expert digital copywriters, we will ensure that your emails are engaging, personalised and optimised to be viewed on digital devices. We are well aware of the common mistakes to avoid when it comes to sending out cold emails and have built a system to maximise the return from our cold email services.



You may have landed on this page after searching ‘b2b lead generation Linkedin’. This is not a surprise as Linkedin is one of the most effective channels for b2b lead generation.

Once we have run an email campaign, we will then help you to follow up and nurture these leads by using our ‘Linkedin followup system’.

Furthermore, you’ll also receive access to our exclusive followup training videos to help you to deliver consistent follow-ups for the long-term development of your business.


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Here’s a case study demonstrating the results of a Linkedin lead generation campaign.We acquired the client through Upwork and received a 5-star rating for our b2b lead generation services.

Lead Generation

Our founder and CEO, Deepak Shukla is a b2b Lead generation expert based in London.

He has featured in SEMrush’s blog as well as their webinars where he has shared his expertise in LinkedIn lead generation.

Furthermore, he has also featured as a guest on the podcast LinkedInformed where he shares his insights on LinkedIn articles! He has also created a playlist on his YouTube channel called 100 days of cold email which will give you an idea of the level of detail Deepak goes into when consulting his clients and essentially training them so that they not only benefit in the short run but the long run also.

Appointment Setting Services FAQs

Please do let us know if you have any questions at all! We will be more than happy to jump on a call and outline how our appointment setting services can help you to achieve your digital growth goals.

The definition of a lead that has become an industry standard is “a qualified prospect that is starting to exhibit buying behaviour”.

When a stranger initiates a relationship with your by showing an organic interest in your business, the transition from stranger to customer is much more natural.

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Some examples of lead generators are blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content. Without a solid, steady stream of these leads than any business, no matter how large or small, or what niche they operate in, will find it almost impossible to thrive and grow.

Lead generation marketing is a catch-all term for the process of developing and nurturing, viable leads for your business. A potential customer in your target audience who is interested in purchasing the product or service you offer is referred to as a “lead”. Now, to capture this lead – meaning you make them take the first step in your sales cycle a B2B marketing agency employs different marketing tactics, otherwise known as lead generation marketing.

To put it even more simply, leads are potential customers who are interested in your products and services. To capture these leads, lead generation companies London leverage various marketing tactics that will make the user sign up for something online by completing a form, contacting the business directly, or even walking into their physical premises.

Lead generation companies are specialist concerns who focus on obtaining leads for their clients. The best lead generation companies UK are those who offer both B2B and B2C lead generation, understand the important differences between the two and can demonstrate a proven track record of obtaining genuine leads that lead to bottom-line boosting sales for the companies they represent.

Every form of marketing, for whatever reason, needs to be implemented via a set strategy in order for it to be truly successful, and that is especially true of lead generation marketing. A b2b lead generation agency or a b2c lead generation agency London will work closely with a client to formulate a set strategy that can be followed, reported on and tweaked as necessary.

A lead generation tool is anything that a lead generation agency can use to do their best work. There are a large number of great and very effective lead generation tools available today, but not all of them will work for every business. It’s the job of the best lead generation agencies to determine which ones will work for their unique clients and then apply them in the most effective way.

Much like a physical funnel in real life, a lead generation funnel works by taking a large number of potential prospects and whittling them down an ‘imaginary funnel’ into converted leads. Each step of the funnel moves the prospects further towards being paying customers.

There are a great many lead generation channels for both B2B and B2C lead generation. And there are also new channels opening up all the time. While the list is an extensive and ever-growing one, some of the most important include:

-Email marketing


-Social media marketing

-Video marketing


-E-books and white papers

-Onsite organic SEO

-Offsite organic SEO


The best lead generation agencies take these channels, and more, and work with them in the way that best suits each individual. There is no one size fits all lead generation solution and no one size fits all lead generation channel.


If you do, GREAT! Let’s start your digital growth journey today! Help us to help you by sending us a message…

What they say about us

Inbound Lead Gen Experts!Pearl Lemon has been instrumental in advising Fresh Consulting how we can refine our inbound lead generation process and it’s also by doing things such as this – by looking like a trusted seller online.
I'm so thankful for the results I got from Pearl Lemon. We hired Deepak Shukla and its team for b2b lead generation services and SEO services for our websites, and within 6-7 months we doubled our growth. If you are looking for an SEO company in London or UK, this is the agency for you.
Tom A
Pearl Lemon are our current advisors as to the growth of Willyard Staffing and Consulting and we are 2.5 months into working with them and are also part of their private Facebook members group. The practicality of their Lead Generation advice and also implementation so far has been superb!
Becky Willyard
Deepak and Pearl Lemon gave me the tools to boost my presence on LinkedIn which has led to organic and valuable interactions and ultimately potential and actual business. They have always gone above and beyond, couldn’t recommend them enough!
Aarish Shah
Pearl Lemon have are two months into working with pixel art on our lead generation funnel and I’m really pleased to say that so far we’ve been able to close several new deals as a consequence of our work together – thanks so much guys really happy so far!
Working with Deepak and PLL has been nothing short of plain sailing – I’ve known the team there for several years and they’ve been able to pass me work time and time again – highly recommend them for lead generation – I’m in web development!
Billy Mushet

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