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Real estate is a highly competitive industry. As a realtor, you have to stay at the top of your mind for prospects and grow your network by consistently marketing yourself. Going on top is no piece of cake. 

To stay on top and be the best, you will have to work harder to keep your potential clients and prospective buyers.

 This is where email marketing becomes of value. 

 As a realtor, you can use email marketing to build and sustain potential leads quicker and better. Currently, it’s not enough to just be visible online. You need engagement to be successful.

 People generally open their email as naturally as they do their phone messages, hence why email marketing has become more important than ever.

 With strategic email marketing in place, you will be surprised at the client turnout and see more prospects scrambling for your services.

 Pearl Lemon Leads is a leading email marketing agency that can help you grow your business by establishing a well-rounded email marketing strategy. 

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Grow A Loyal Community Of Clients

Today, almost every transaction, consultation and appointment starts and sometimes– ends online. Of course, real estate clients will have to meet their realtors physically, but their search for the right one starts online.

The impact of email marketing goes beyond just getting your messages into your prospect’s inboxes. It’s an opportunity any business shouldn’t be missing out on.

Statistics show that: 

  • For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). 
  • The latest statistics show that as many as 87% of marketers use email marketing to disseminate their content (Content Marketing Institute, 2020).
  • The average open rate for a welcome email is 82% (GetResponse, 2017).
  • Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. 

Several other studies show that email marketing is an effective marketing channel. As technology advances, email is propelled ahead of other communication channels. Also, in email automation, AI( Artificial Intelligence) has changed how customers receive and engage with emails.

Email marketing has many benefits. When used correctly, it can boost sales, generate new customers and help retain them.

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What's In It For Your Real estate

Undoubtedly, you can offer more as a realtor than your clients might know.

You can use dental services email marketing to inform your customers about all the other services you provide. Email marketing is very affordable for starters, even for small businesses like yours.

 Email marketing is a scalable and effective communication tool that is still widely used by most consumers to this day. 

You can use email marketing to send targeted and personalized messages. It can also boost the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you have to gain when you set up an email marketing strategy for your real estate business:


Perfect for nurturing prospects

Buying and selling is a huge decision for your clients. It takes a whole lot for many of them to take a leap and contact a realtor. You can use email marketing to nurture your leads into becoming actual clients.

Get more control

Email marketing, compared to other digital marketing platforms, gives you more control of your marketing efforts. For example, you can guess who will see your content on social media, but you can’t be sure if they will actually see it. In email marketing, on the other hand, you can be sure that every address on your email list will get the target message.

Build client loyalty

With a solid email list, you can engage current clients and attract new ones. Email marketing helps keep your subscribers updated about any new services or promotions. Every client you retain has a significant impact on your bottom line.

Boost credibility

Keeping up with your clients and prospects after providing your services gives you an opportunity for them to offer feedback. And when you act on that feedback, you show them that you care and value them, strengthening relationships. Positive feedback validates your dental services, helps you stand out from your competitors and builds credibility.

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It's cost-effective

The ROI on email marketing is significantly growing. Statistics show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36. This by far outweighs any other marketing channel. So, even with a relatively small marketing budget, you can create a significant impact.

Saves time

With email marketing, you can contact several people simultaneously. It’s a convenient way to inform and update potential prospects about anything.

Let Us Connect You To Your Clients

Now that you have seen how effective email marketing can boost your visibility and sales let us help you achieve your business marketing goals. We understand that managing your staff and other business needs can be exhaustive; email marketing shouldn’t be another thing on your plate.

Our team at Pearl Lemon Leads can take that burden off your back. 

We can send emails to your clients on your behalf and target prospects.

The best part about this is that it’s pretty simple. Just tell us what type of relationship you want to establish with your clients. Email marketing can change the whole relationship between your clients and your company.

Take the boring out of your real estate services with our targeted messaging. Our experts at Pearl Lemon Leads will create a tailored strategy to put your services ahead in the highly competitive industry.

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Yes! The cost-effectiveness of email marketing makes it a great tactic to integrate into your real estate business’s digital marketing strategy. 


There are a lot of reasons for email marketing’s success in real estate, but here are a few reasons why you need it too:

  • Personalisation – You can show your clients how much you value their business with modern email software that allows you to craft targeted and personalised messages for them.
  • Quantity – As opposed to traditional advertising and marketing content, email marketing lets you reach a large audience quickly, ensuring the generation of leads.
  • Communication – Since emails are inherently communicative, your client can interact with all your content and provide your company with valuable feedback.

Here’s a brief overview of how email marketing campaigns are developed in real estate

  • In the real estate sector, email marketing campaigns begin with where they always do: segmenting and targeting the right clients for your business. 
  • From there, the messaging of the campaign is streamlined and concise so that we can clear the most important points about your real estate business to your clients and emphasise what separates you from your competitors. 
  • Once that process is complete, the emails are sent to the client list we created earlier, and we watch as leads are steadily generated for your business

Drip emails, as they’re called, are emails that a program will automatically send out to a user when they set off a trigger. These triggers vary from opt-in forms to website visits to sent messages, and the goal of a drip marketing campaign is to send the optimum message once a user undertakes a specific action. This allows the campaign to adapt quickly to the user’s behaviour and deliver the content that will best serve them based on the state of their attitude towards your campaign.

Do it as often as you can– but without getting annoying. Otherwise, people will mark or report your email as spam. The balance depends from business to business. For some, once a month is okay. For others, twice a week. For many, as long as essential information needs to be shared. You can experiment and test your audience to see what they respond to best.

There are various ways to go about this. But you can start by:

  • Segmenting and personalizing your audience. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the financial services industry. Offer your services depending on your client’s needs, stage and funds. As mentioned before, experiment with various tools to see what your audience responds to best.
  • Keep your subject lines short and straightforward. This ensures that there’s a high opening rate from the customers.
  • Pick the most favourable time and send your email. 
  • Send mobile-friendly emails to your prospects.
  • Re-engage and re-connect with inactive subscribers.
  • Set email marketing goals.
  • Optimize your emails for more effective results.

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