Lead generation specialists

What can a lead generation specialist do for your company?

Lead Generation Specialist: Company Benefits

Lead generation is a very strategic process that takes a lot of training. It involves understanding peoples behaviour, knowing how to talk to people, and understanding many different tools and data. 

Many companies will either hire a lead generation agency or even have their lead generation specialist

I will describe the role of a lead generation specialist and how they can benefit a company. 

What is a lead generation specialist?

Lead Generation specialist

Before we get started, maybe let us define what a lead generation specialist is. A lead generation specialist acquires and researches new leads. The role typically works with B2B industries.

Every company is different depending on size, but the majority will have a team of specialists to help with the workload. 

What does a lead generation specialist do?

What lead generation specialist do?

Source: salesforce

Specific duties may vary upon the company, but the two main objectives will be the following. 

  • To generate new leads through outbound calls and emails 
  • Identify and qualify leads before entering the lead generation and sales funnel. 

Outbound marketing is not commonly used, but it is still proven to be effective with lead generation. The most effective techniques have been direct calls and emails, especially for B2B industries. 

Calling and Emailing

Calling and Emailing

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The lead generation specialist takes care of all the cold calling and emailing. They will work closely with the marketing team or handle marketing in some cases. This allows the specialist to gather contact information on potential leads. 

The lead generation specialist will go through a process of lead scoring. This process will help them Identify who to contact, and then the process is needed after the contact has been made. 

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Source: Nebula

Lead scoring is a way to organise and prioritise leads. It allows the specialist to identify high-quality leads. Lead scoring is briefly done to identify who to call. 

After the initial contact has been made, the specialist goes through the lead scoring process before sending the information off to the sales team. Often, the specialist is trained to make sales if needed, but this is optional, depending on the company. 

How could a lead generation specialist help?

The amount of research does take time, so many people have a designated person or agency. The specialist can focus their time on delivering high-quality leads. A specialist can then focus on increasing and setting appointments with the sales team. In the end, this saves more time for the sales team and can lead to better results. 

Now we can get into the benefits that a lead generation specialist can provide for your company. 

1. High-Quality Leads

High-Quality Leads

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The process of lead scoring allows your company to generate high-quality leads. This is important because higher quality leads are likely to stay with your company longer or purchase a good or service multiple times. 

2. Saves time for Sales Team

Saves time for Sales Team

Source: salesforce

Building off the previous section, now that the lead generation specialist in producing high-quality leads saves your sales team time. A lead is picked because they will most likely convert into a customer. 

Your sales team does not have to worry about someone who will be a complete waste of time. The sales team are speaking with someone who is most likely to be a customer.

3. Faster Conversion Rates

Faster Conversion Rates

Source: Omnikick

Having a lead generation specialist can result in faster conversion rates. Since leads are so carefully picked, it may seem like a slow process. Instead, once all the leads have been identified, the conversion rates increase and move faster since the sales team is no longer wasting time on people who would never become a customer. 

4. Efficiency


Source: integrify

This last benefit is no secret, but it is worth mentioning. Having the lead generation specialists saves time for those who have been trying to generate leads thus far. If your company has been using the marketing or sales team, this saves time for those groups. With a specialist to focus specifically on leads, the teams can focus on their work. This results in an efficient working environment for your company. 


Lead generation roles will vary depending on the company. Especially with lead generation agencies, they will typically handle sales or marketing for your company. You can give a specialist as little or as much work as you like as long as they handle lead generation.