Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Services UK (2024)

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In the competitive world of real estate, having a reliable and effective cold-calling service can be the difference between success and stagnation. Pearl Lemon Leads brings you the definitive list of the Top 10 real estate cold-calling services in the UK (2024). 

Our expertly curated selection ensures you have access to the most skilled professionals who can generate quality leads and boost your sales pipeline. Find out how these top-tier services can revolutionise your real estate business and keep you ahead. Join us as we explore the best options to enhance your real estate endeavours. 

Here is the list of the top 10 real estate cold-calling services in the UK (2024):

  1. Pearl Lemon
  2. Air Marketing
  3. Lead Gen Dept
  4. Oaktree Telemarketing
  6. Market Makers
  7. Paragon Sales Solutions
  8. Ventrica
  9. SalesCaptain
  10. Toucan Telemarketingof

1. Pearl Lemon Leads 

Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads excels in providing specific cold-calling services designed for the real estate sector. Our approach is relationship-focused, using personalised strategies to connect with potential clients. We also offer a range of lead generation techniques, including LinkedIn outreach, cold email, and appointment setting. 

This comprehensive approach ensures high-quality leads and improved conversion rates, making Pearl Lemon Leads a top choice for real estate professionals looking to enhance our sales pipeline.

2. Air Marketing

Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Services UK (2024)

Air Marketing offers comprehensive cold-calling services designed to boost lead generation and sales for real estate professionals. Their expert team employs strategic outbound calling campaigns designed for each client’s needs. Focusing on generating high-quality leads, they provide telesales, telemarketing, and appointment-setting services

Air Marketing stands out for its commitment to delivering measurable results, using data-driven strategies to enhance client ROI. Their flexible service packages cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring scalable and effective solutions.

3. Lead Gen Dept

Lead Gen Dept

Lead Gen Dept specialises in connecting real estate professionals with high-potential leads through targeted cold calling campaigns. Their services include personalised outreach via phone, email, and LinkedIn, ensuring comprehensive prospect engagement. 

They focus on delivering predictable pipelines and commit to a minimum number of qualified meetings by the end of each campaign. With a multi-channel approach and a dedication to client success, the Lead Gen Dept helps businesses accelerate their sales performance and grow their customer base effectively.

4. Oaktree Telemarketing

Oaktree Telemarketing

Oaktree Telemarketing excels in providing high-impact cold calling services for the real estate sector. Their approach focuses on generating quality leads through personalised and dynamic campaigns. With a strong emphasis on understanding market trends and consumer behaviour, they craft strategies that foster genuine engagement with potential clients. 

Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to unlocking new growth opportunities for businesses. Oaktree’s services are designed to enhance lead generation efforts, ensuring clients achieve measurable success in their sales initiatives.



CIENCE provides a comprehensive suite of cold calling services designed to enhance lead generation for real estate professionals. Their multi-channel outreach strategies are powered by advanced AI and data analytics, ensuring precise targeting and effective engagement with potential clients. 

CIENCE’s services include outbound SDR (Sales Development Representative) teams, custom campaign strategies, and AI-enhanced sales tools. Their robust platform integrates stress-freely with existing CRM systems, streamlining the sales process and boosting efficiency. CIENCE is dedicated to delivering measurable results and optimising sales pipelines for sustained growth.

6. Market Makers

Market Makers

Market Makers provides comprehensive B2B telemarketing and lead generation services designed for the real estate sector. Their approach includes outbound call handling, appointment setting, and database enrichment, ensuring high-quality lead generation. 

Market Makers is renowned for its multilingual capabilities, allowing them to reach a diverse range of prospects both within and outside the UK. Their services are designed to boost client sales and improve business growth through effective and strategic cold calling campaigns. Focusing on delivering measurable results, Market Makers has established itself as a reliable partner for real estate professionals seeking to expand their client base and increase their market presence.

7. Paragon Sales Solutions

Paragon Sales Solutions

Paragon Sales Solutions offers a strategic approach to real estate cold calling, focusing on generating high-quality leads and fostering meaningful connections. Their team of dedicated telemarketers works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and design their services accordingly. 

With a strong emphasis on integrating with the client’s business ethos, Paragon Sales Solutions aims to provide a stress-free experience that feels like an extension of the client’s own team. It is known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to various budgetary constraints while delivering effective results through consistent communication and feedback.

8. Ventrica

Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Services UK (2024)

Ventrica is a prominent customer experience and contact centre outsourcing provider, known for delivering high-quality telemarketing and lead generation services. They offer multilingual support and operate through various channels, including calls, emails, web chats, and social media. 

Ventrica’s specific solutions are designed to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, leveraging advanced technologies like Ventrica AI and Ventrica CSAT to optimise performance. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping clients grow by building strong customer relationships and improving sales outcomes.

9. SalesCaptain


SalesCaptain offers advanced cold calling solutions for real estate professionals, leveraging AI-powered tools to enhance customer engagement and lead generation. Their platform integrates multiple communication channels, including texts, calls, web chats, and social media, ensuring stress-free interactions with prospects. 

SalesCaptain provides designed marketing campaigns, automated follow-ups, and real-time reporting to optimise performance. Focusing on boosting client visibility and conversions, SalesCaptain helps businesses attract, engage, and retain customers effectively.

10. Toucan Telemarketing

Toucan Telemarketing

Toucan Telemarketing offers specialised B2B services, focusing on lead generation, appointment setting, and market research. With over 20 years of experience, they provide designed campaigns to meet specific business objectives. Their approach is based on unscripted verbal communication, ensuring natural and effective conversations with prospects. Toucan Telemarketing supports various industries, helping clients boost sales and improve market presence through strategic outbound calls and comprehensive follow-up processes.

Benefits of Choosing Pearl Lemon Leads

At Pearl Lemon Leads, we understand that every real estate business is unique, so we tailor our cold-calling services to suit your requirements. By crafting personalised strategies, we ensure that your engagements with potential clients are effective and highly relevant to your business goals.

Personalised Strategies: Pearl Lemon Leads designs its cold calling services to meet the specific needs of your real estate business, ensuring effective engagement with potential clients.

High-Quality Leads: We pride ourselves on generating the highest-quality leads, meticulously vetted to ensure they align with your target audience. These leads boost conversion rates and catalyse sustained sales growth, empowering your business to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

Experienced Team: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. Combining industry expertise with innovative approaches, they can navigate complex market dynamics and deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Multi-Channel Outreach: We employ a comprehensive multi-channel approach to maximise the impact of our lead generation efforts. In addition to cold calling, we leverage email and LinkedIn outreach strategies to reach potential clients through various touchpoints, ensuring comprehensive coverage and optimal engagement.

Data-Driven Insights: At Pearl Lemon Leads, we believe in the power of data to drive informed decision-making. Our approach is backed by robust data analytics, providing actionable insights that enable you to refine and optimise your marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness. You can make informed decisions that propel your real estate business towards greater success by leveraging data-driven insights.

Maximise Your Real Estate Success with Cold Calling Expert

Choosing the right cold-calling service can catalyse the growth of your real estate business. Among the top providers in the UK, Pearl Lemon Leads stands out for its personalised, high-quality lead generation strategies. 

Their expert team ensures your business receives tailored outreach, high-quality leads, and actionable insights to boost conversions and drive sales. By partnering with Pearl Lemon Leads, you’re not just investing in a service but a strategic partner dedicated to your success. Embrace the power of expert cold calling to elevate your real estate ventures in 2024.

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Contact us today and start generating high-quality leads!

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