Five B2B Marketing Ideas To Unlocking Massive Sales Success


FIVE BEST B2B MARKETING IDEAS Ah, digital marketing…the finesse of ensuring that your campaign is set…especially in the B2B market can be full of dizzying twists and turns. This quick guide will give you some top B2B marketing tips and ideas to help you on your path. From what B2B marketing is, why you need […]

Marketing to Millennials: What You Need to Know


You’ve seen them, even if you aren’t one. They’re walking around shopping malls, grocery stores, and cafés all the time, eyes glued to their smartphones and coffees from Starbucks in hand. They make up half of Instagram. They are very active on LinkedIn. It’s Millennials. Millennials, according to Pew Research Center, make up one-quarter of […]

Why Buyers Pass On Your Perfectly Logical Sales Proposals


Do your prospects ever feel irrational and understanding their logic – especially when it comes to their objections to your sales pitch? After all, if you provide convincing evidence that clearly illustrates how and why your offerings meet their needs, the rational thing is to sign on the dotted line (or at least step towards a […]

Guide to the Top 12 Cold Email Tools for 2023 and Beyond


TOP 12 COLD EMAIL SOFTWARE Have you ever gotten that annoying personalized email from a complete that addresses you by name? Yeah, that one that has actual information about you and hooks you to read more? And how many times have you opened a cold email to discover that the tool advertised actually has a […]

The Power of Cold Calling and Why Your Business Needs It


Cold calling is one of those marketing channels that carries a bad reputation. People hate cold calls and telemarketers. They disturb you in the middle of your day and they keep on talking and talking, not to mention they are super annoying! That’s 100% true. Those few really inept cold callers ruin it for the rest of […]

Top 10 Sales Training Courses for 2023


Sales organizations are the life and blood of most businesses. Unless your business is well established or you have super long contracts spanning decades, you need a sales team. And businesses tend to invest a lot of money into their sales teams because they make the money for the entire organization! One of the best ways to invest […]

Crisis Management, Reputation Management and Review Management

Crisis Management, Reputation Management and Review Management - Understanding The Difference

As a PR team that devotes much of their working time to help our clients improve their brand reputations, manage their online reviews, and deal with crisis management we sometimes forget that some of our prospective clients do not actually grasp what the difference is between those things. When we do stop and think about – as […]

The Dark Side of Social Media Influencers And What You Should Use Instead


Consumers are increasingly swayed by the opinions of those they admire or consider experts in a certain field. They seek reliable reviews, videos, and blog and social media posts from influential figures as they research companies, people, products, or services. Social media influencers are gaining traction all the time. A study by Olapic found that 31% of respondents had […]

Why Public Speaking is Nothing to Be Scared Of

Why Public Speaking is Nothing to be Scared Of

Your PR agency has booked you on a podcast. Or you have a product launch planned and it’s being suggested that you give the presentation that will launch this wonderful new offering to the world yourself. Which is great. Every brand needs a public face. The problem is that you are not familiar, or comfortable with, public […]