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Sales organizations are the life and blood of most businesses. Unless your business is well established or you have super long contracts spanning decades, you need a sales team.

And businesses tend to invest a lot of money into their sales teams because they make the money for the entire organization!

One of the best ways to invest in your sales team is by attending sales training courses. It used to be that you had to pay thousands of dollars for a sales trainer to come to your business for a week or two.

But not anymore! 

Nowadays, all of the world’s top sales trainers offer their courses online. 

So what are the benefits of taking these courses?


The biggest advantage of an online sales program versus an in-person one is the time and resources that they can save your business. Sales trainers are usually really expensive and charge thousands of dollars. There is also the investment of time as your sales team will need to take away whole days from selling in order to commit to these programs.

With online courses, your sales team can go at their own pace without disturbing their day-to-day tasks too much. For example, you can assign one hour of training per day to each salesperson and that would cut costs and time investment dramatically. Any member can become a sales professional in no time!

Another key benefit of investing in a sales training program is that it makes employees feel more motivated in their company. A lot of employers provide their staff with the StuDocu study resources platform where they can always share their experiences with each other and gain new skills needed for their further training and self-development. Statistics show that for 7 out of 10 employees, training and development opportunities affect their decision to stay with their current company. So sales training and any kind of training for that matter really boost morale and employee confidence.

Here is a list of the top sales training courses that you should check out:

Topic: Inbound Sales

Price: Free

Length: 2-3 Hours

Hubspot is one of the world’s most well-known marketing and digital marketing tools that also have an academy with a wealth of free courses. They have tons of different certifications and among them is in the Inbound Sales Course which gives a good basic overview of sales processes and tactics.

It’s a great place to start for a beginner. The courses are really well made, easy to understand, and there are interactive quizzes and assignments along the way.


Topic: Managing Objections

Price: $97

Length: self-study

SalesDNA is a great course for managing objections. It’s actually all written. There are no videos or lectures to watch, just some really helpful content. Each lecture or worksheet contains a bunch of information on how to answer a particular sales objection. Sales objections are perhaps the hardest part of the sales process and this type of training is crucial to help your sales team get to the next level.

Topic: The full sales cycle

Price: $545-595

Length: 6 months

The IMPACT selling system was developed by The Brooks Group; which is a corporate sales training and sales management company. It’s a consultative selling approach that will help your team to reduce the sales cycle, clarify the goals of each call, improve revenue and conversions. It will teach you the value of a sales strategy. This program has received the Top 20 Sales Training Company award for the last 9 years in a row!


Topic: Sales fundamentals

Price: Free (but $95 if you want a certificate)

Length: 5 weeks

This course is actually offered on Coursera as part of the Art of Sales Specialization from Northwestern University. It’s built by Sales Engine and for years was one of the leading courses on the sales process. It covers the entire process from pitching to handling sales objections and building rapport with your customer. You can really kickstart your sales career with this course because of the great sales tips they offer, and deep insight into the selling process.

Topic: building a sales team

Price: varies

Length: varies

The Winning by Design sales training is built specifically for someone who wants to be a sales manager and is building a sales team and it’s ideally built for SAAS sales teams. This training is fairly expensive but if you are working in a SAAS company this could really help you boost sales and see some successes. It teaches about sales performance and other useful insights.

Topic: the entire sales process

Price: $10-15 (depending on Udemy’s promotion)

Length: self-paced

This is the most popular online sales course on Udemy. It has tens of thousands of students and has probably the widest range of topics that cover the entire sales process. The entire course is about 2 hours so it’s a perfect time and money investment for a busy sales team.

Topic: covers everything

Price: $10-15 (depending on Udemy’s promotion)

Length: self-paced

This class is taught by the famous sales trainer Grant Cordone and it’s an absolute masterpiece. It’s one of the best online sales training courses of all time. Our founder Deepak Shukla swears by this guy and his work. He will motivate any sales team to 10x their output and excellence. Not only will he improve your selling skills, but it will help you refine your sales pitch and increase sales productivity by introducing various sales methodology to promote those sales results!

Topic: B2B sales

Price: $10-15 (depending on Udemy’s promotion)

Length: self-paced

This is one of the best online sales training courses for B2B sales. This particular course is really great because it offers lectures on both B2B sales and B2B business development. So your sales team can become even more versatile and find their own leads and build their own referral business.

Topic: Sales funnels

Price: $10-15 (depending on Udemy’s promotion)

Length: self-paced

Building sales funnels is a basic sales skill for any salesperson and it’s really important to set funnel best practices and standards for any sales team. So this class is perfect for the onboarding of new salespeople to your team or as a quick funnel refresh for an existing sales team.

Topic: sales fundamentals 

Price: $49 (financial aid available)

Length: 8 hours

This is another great course that’s offered on Coursera and is made by Kyle Jepson from Hubspot Academy. It’s a great beginner’s course to sales success and is perfect for anyone that is moving into a sales or marketing role in your organization and wants to get a deeper view inside sales.


These are the top 10 online sales training courses, but there are plenty of others out there. All in all, each program may not fit everyone, so it is best to look into your specific needs before making a final choice. Each course does offer effective sales training, but beware to only focus on what your needs are so you can become a sales hacker.

If you know of any other ones that you took or liked, in particular, please leave us a comment below!

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