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Brands and businesses work hard to promote their brand and sell products or services to their target audience. Sadly, SMS marketing is frequently underestimated, especially in the B2B sector. Contrary to popular belief, text messaging is not only utilized in business-to-consumer transactions. It can also be an effective B2B marketing technique for nurturing leads through the sales funnel, building your brand and much more.

At Pearl Lemon Leads we are one of the few lead generation companies well versed in B2B SMS marketing, and, as such, are your best choice to serve as the help you need to get this affordable yet highly efficient and effective lead gen strategy off the ground and integrated into your wider lead generation efforts.

Does B2B SMS Marketing Actually Work?

As most people think of SMS marketing as a strictly B2C concept it can be hard for them to see how it could ever work as a B2B lead generation strategy. The nature of B2B enterprises is one of the key reasons why many people are skeptical about SMS as a B2B lead generation strategy. B2B marketing and sales focuses on promoting and selling products and services to other businesses and enterprises rather than direct consumers.

People associate B2B clients with a more “professional” mindset, therefore they believe the SMS marketing techniques and content aren’t suitable for them.

But B2B companies sell to people as well. But they are the folks who are less prone to impulse purchases and buying decisions based on emotions. That implies you’ll need a more personalized and conversational approach to guide them along the sales funnel. The kind of approach SMS B2B marketing when overseen by the experts at Pearl Lemon Leads can offer.

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B2C Versus B2B Marketing

Although both use text messages to communicate with their potential and even current customers, B2B and B2C SMS messaging are not the same. B2B and B2C marketing methods, content, and delivery, in particular, differ significantly. It does take expertise and experience to conduct a B2B SMS lead generation and marketing campaign with these differences in mind, but with the right help – like that offered by Pearl Lemon Leads – it can become one of your business’ most successful strategies.

So what can you achieve with B2B SMS marketing and Pearl Lemon Leads? Here are just a few examples.

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Hassle Free Lead Generation

An effective B2B marketing campaign relies heavily on lead generation. Finding as many leads as possible is critical, with an average lead conversion rate of between 5 and 10% across sectors. In the long term, taking the time to develop these relationships and convert them into paying clients pays off.

High SMS open rates provide you a better chance of actually reaching your target audience. You can also leverage SMS marketing tools like auto-reply messages to rapidly respond to your leads, preventing them from looking around for other options.

Appointment Scheduling

One of the most prominent use cases for B2C SMS text marketing is scheduling appointments and sending automated reminders, which you’ve probably heard of. It’s also effective for B2B.

With just a few taps on an SMS marketing platform, you can follow up with a client and schedule a meeting. Instead of a days long back and forth over email, or weeks of phone tag, making use of SMS messaging can allow you to offer a meeting schedule that fits your prospect’ schedule exactly, and you won’t even need to be around at the time to do so.

Close More Deals

When it comes to converting leads into customers, the time between when they contact you and when you respond is crucial. If you don’t respond to a lead straight away, it’s likely that they’ll hunt for answers elsewhere. The average lead response time for B2B companies is 42 hours, which is plenty of time for a lead to check your competitors.

Automated SMS marketing responses can help you avoid this risky waiting period by assuring potential clients that you will respond as soon as possible. You can personalize your automatic responses with keywords (such as the various services your company provides) and encourage prospects to visit your website while they wait for a personal response. It may be as easy as this:

Client: I’m looking to buy several servers for my new offices. Could you provide me with an estimate for three servers and installation?

Business: Hello, and thank you for contacting [Business Name]! One of our specialists is compiling data on our current hardware offering. Meanwhile, take a look at this blog post about server types and which one could be appropriate for your company: [Link]

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Offer Product Information and Education

You can make use of segmented lists to offer product information and education to those who have demonstrated an interest in the past in a more immediate way that any email campaign can.

An SMS text link to a product explainer video, or technical article won’t get lost in an overcrowded email inbox and the chances are much higher that your prospect will watch/read the information right away, and, hopefully, be impressed/intrigued enough to request more information immediately.

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Manage Orders More Efficiently

SMS text marketing can help you keep current clients happy too, and encourage that all important repeat business. Excellent customer service throughout the order process for any product – or even some services – is a must, but you don’t always need humans to provide it.

Businesses must place a high importance on making it easy for customers to place and receive orders. Unlike email (which can get buried in an inbox) and web portals (which can be difficult to navigate), SMS text messages allow your consumers to communicate directly with you. Customers can also easily modify their orders by adding specific requests.

In a nutshell, you can form faster, deeper relationships with your target markets and current clients and design customized marketing plans that provide tailored value to your customer base with the help of B2B SMS marketing. And Pearl Lemon Leads can help you do it all better. Contact us today to get started.


Absolutely! In fact, it’s growing in popularity over traditional marketing because of its proven effectiveness. SMS marketing has an open rate that’s hard to beat (98% is high), and only 3% of text messages are considered spam. Those are certainly some stats to be proud of, but that’s not all that SMS marketing has going for it. It’s also an incredibly personal form of communication that allows salespeople to generate leads from a friendly starting point. Its short length means that your customers are more likely to read and understand your message fully. 

For more information on the benefits of B2B SMS marketing, check out our “What are the advantages of B2B SMS marketing?” FAQ.

Here are some of the main benefits of B2B SMS marketing:

  • High open rate – As we said already, SMS marketing’s highest open rate is 98%. That probably already seems high, but for reference, email’s highest open rates are around 28%. With SMS marketing, you’ll be operating on a marketing ceiling that’s 3.5x higher than email. 
  • Personal medium – Because SMS is a personal communication medium, your customers are more likely to treat your marketing attempts as such. This personal attitude you have going into your interaction with your customers will greatly benefit your attempts to convince them of your company’s benefits. 

Low barrier to communication – Although mobile apps have made email communication much more accessible, people are still much more likely to respond to their text messages as they’re notified instantly. The text message format is much easier than managing emails on your phone.

Here are some of the many reasons that you should choose Pearl Lemon Leads to handle your next lead-generation campaign:

  • Our clients love us. – Don’t believe us? You can read their words for yourself here and see how our team has been able to bring success in B2B marketing to business leaders across the globe. 

Transparency – Our workplace structure allows our senior and client-facing members to know what’s going on with your campaign, and they’ll inform you every

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