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How To Book the Best Motivational Speaker in London

When it comes to motivational speaker in London, have you ever booked the perfect speaker? You know, the one who is easy to work with before the event… the one who graciously accepts all your phone calls asking about this detail or that one… the one who goes out of their way to understand your audience and how to tailor their presentation accordingly… the one who arrives well ahead of your event to save you the stress of wondering where they are.

Then on the platform, out of all the possible motivational speaker in London you could hire, the perfect speaker is the one who captures your attendees’ attention from the first moment and holds them on the edge of their seats until the end… he either imparts wisdom that will impact their lives for years to come, or he generates laughter that still erupts spontaneously in the halls even weeks after the conference is over.

After the event, the perfect speaker will undoubtedly have a mass of people waiting to say “hello” or “thank you,” and he will joyfully greet every last person. Even after he leaves, he continues to impress you by sending an invoice that shows his necessary expenses were kept to a minimum.

So, when it comes to finding the perfect motivational speaker in London for your next event, how do you go about the search? Is it purely a matter of chance that you make the magical selection, or can you purposely find the “home run” speaker who resonates with your audience?

As long as humans are involved, there is hardly a 100% guarantee with anything. But there are some things you can do to greatly improve your chances of picking the right person from that big list of motivational speakers London that is somewhere on your desk.


Have at least a 15-minute phone conversation with your number one motivational speaker candidate before signing a contract. If at all possible, arrange a call with your top two to three candidates. Most people actually don’t do that, because they say something along the lines of “We have 10 people on our committee, and everyone has a demanding schedule, so there’s just no way we can find time to be together for one, let alone three or four, phone calls with speakers. We make our decisions based on videos.”

But there are several problems with that approach when choosing between motivational speakers London. Most of the pitch videos you’ll be sent are only about 10 minutes in length – and that’s for your benefit, because you don’t have time to look at a video of a one-hour presentation for every speaker candidate in your review meetings.

In 10 minutes, though, motivational speakers in London can do little more than show a variety of clips that are indicative of their stage presence and speaking style. One inherent hazard in a video of this nature is deception. Have you ever seen a movie preview that looks outstanding, only to go see the movie and realize that the preview clips were the best parts of the movie? Motivational speakers can create the same effect with a short, well-produced video.

NOTE: This is not necessarily intentional deception; it is often just a speaker’s honest attempt to represent him- or herself in the most positive light.

Also, when you’re watching these quick compilation videos, know that their greatest weakness is portraying presentation content. Since most speakers offer a variety of presentations, with each able to be customized to individual clients’ needs, their videos would be longer than The Lord of the Rings trilogy if they were to feature every available topic and every kind of event they are capable of speaking at. I

It is important to keep that in mind. Otherwise, you risk overlooking that potentially “perfect” motivational speaker because you’re using a video to do something it was not intended to do. And by the way, even when you watch a video of a speaker’s full presentation, remember that presentation was probably customized to fit that specific audience.

All of that said, videos are effective tools in the evaluation process, especially when searching for a motivational speaker in London. But rather than use the video as your only tool, complement your video review with follow-up phone conversations with the speakers whose videos sparked your interest. The phone time will allow you to express your event objectives to the speaker, and the speaker can then respond by sharing what he or she can offer to help you meet those objectives. Then after the call, you and your team should know with some certainty that “yes, this is exactly what we need” or “no, that’s just not the right fit.”

Either way, when looking for a motivational speaker in London, it will allow you to proceed through the remainder of the event planning process with peace and confidence. And by the way, most speakers are very willing to do these conference calls.


Always keep your audience in mind when selecting a motivational speaker in London. What do they want? Don’t just book your favorite speaker. This sounds obvious, but I’ve seen event planners make the mistake of choosing the speakers they liked instead of the speakers who would be best for their audience… and I’ve heard from disappointed audience members who have attended such events.

Booking motivational speakers is difficult because much like we all have different tastes. And short of allowing your attendees to vote on speaker candidates, there is no exact science in making the right choice. But if you look at the past experiences of each speaker you are considering and look for those who have spoken to your ‘type’ of audience before these people may be your very best bet.


How do you find a motivational speaker who goes the extra mile? Well, you can just ask the speaker, point blank, if he or she goes the extra mile. Do you really think a speaker would tell you if he just does the bare minimum, though? You’ll find out the truth by talking to past clients of that speaker.