How to Get Hundreds of Real Leads From Quora in Just Six Months: Part 1


I was able to generate over 20 million views, sign up 25k+ people to my email list, was at one time the fastest growing writer on Quora, and had the most upvoted Quora answer. And I am here to show you how you can do the same. When you market yourself – and/or your business […]

Virtual Lead Generation Conferences – The New Way to Network Post COVID-19


The COVID-19 crisis has (and in many ways still is) affecting almost every part of our business and personal lives. And will, in some cases, will continue to do so, it seems, well in 2023. Conference cancellation is one of those things. Most business conventions, even those scheduled for later in the year, have already been […]

How Lead Generation Outsourcing Will Boost Your Bottom Line


Lead generation is one of the most important undertakings for a company or marketing team in any business, in any niche. Qualified leads are the foundation of a healthy sales pipeline and a strong business. However, attracting the right leads for your business, that then convert into paying customers, is much more complicated, challenging and […]

Building a Lead Status System that Works


What all successful salespeople in any niche know is that in order to close to the maximum number of leads you need to develop an effective lead system that works for you. Unfortunately, too many salespeople lose more business than they might want to think about because they do not have such a system in place. If […]

B2B Marketing Funnel: Importance for Lead Generation

B2B Marketing Funnel

B2B Marketing Funnel: Optimizing Your Strategy The marketing funnel is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy for a business, no matter what that business might be. After all, it’s primary job is to help you understand how to gain more consumers! However, it’s important to get your funnel right otherwise you won’t be able […]

Why You Need a LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy


Here’s a question I’ve heard a lot. Why are you so big into LinkedIn Deepak? Why don’t your do more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or (insert trendy new social network here) The fact is, I have profiles on most of the major social networks. And I post to a few. But the thing is, while Facebook is a […]