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Email is the most efficient medium for generating income for 59% of B2B marketers, as many companies discovered when the pandemic lockdowns drove everyone to improve their digital marketing skills.

There are many factors to take into account while developing profitable emails. The tool you use to create and send your emails is one of the most important, and HubSpot’s email marketing platform is one of those tools.

Adopting your entire company’s inbound marketing, sales, and service routine can be overwhelming. You have content to create, analytics to monitor, images to design, code to write, staff to train, and CRM datasets to develop and clean, in addition to attempting to keep up with the myriad (sometimes conflicting) “do this/don’t that” recommendations being shouted at you from all over the internet. 

You may occasionally feel as though you are drowning in the sea of everything. You do not, however, have to go through this alone. Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of our process, we work with businesses utilising HubSpot to develop marketing strategies that will end your headache once and for all.

Along with creating captivating HubSpot email templates, we at Pearl Lemon Leads can manage your email marketing campaign. Our team provide design, deployment, automation, ESP integration, and optimisation services to help streamline your processes.

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Benefits Of Hubspot Email

Emails are still regarded as one of the best ways to engage with and update your consumers. Hubspot’s email hosting and marketing solutions are effective approaches to giving each client or potential client personalised service.

The benefits of combining HubSpot with your email marketing operations are:

Create Branded Emails

With HubSpot, you can quickly create responsive email marketing campaigns and content across mobile and desktop platforms, professional-looking and on-brand. 

The HubSpot platform uses drag-and-drop features to create emails, which makes email marketing simple. HubSpot’s user-friendly email editor makes creating aesthetically appealing, and reusable email templates simple, simplifying the process of developing a marketing email. Sending email marketing contact to current clients and prospective leads already in your sales pipeline is no longer fraught with formatting concerns.

The best part of HubSpot’s email marketing strategy is that you don’t have to waste time creating emails from scratch. The HubSpot marketplace offers a variety of pre-made email templates that you can select from and modify to reflect your brand requirements and marketing SMART goals.

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Increase The Personalisation Of Your Emails To Get More Opens, And Click-Throughs

HubSpot’s email customisation features increase recipients’ likelihood of clicking and opening your links. It is possible since you can customise each email’s content for a specific user within your contacts database.

The subscriber’s lifecycle stage, memberships, and other relevant data from their contact record are all displayed in HubSpot’s contact database. With this knowledge, you can send subscribers emails with pertinent subject lines, create content that addresses their problems, and include engaging attachments, links, and calls to action.

With the help of HubSpot’s features, you can rapidly schedule your email marketing campaigns and hit the send button, confident that your emails will reach subscribers at the appropriate moment. 

A/B Testing And Analytics Can Help You Improve Your Mail Marketing Initiatives

You can A/B test your email campaigns with HubSpot and examine quantifiable outcomes via in-depth analytics, which is a terrific feature for email marketing. By doing this, you can maximise the effect of your email marketing efforts.

A/B testing, or split-testing as it is also known, can measure the effectiveness of email subject lines, all email content, and which CTA generates the most interaction. You can also use it to track the return on marketing investment concerning closed sales.

If you want, HubSpot enables you to delve even farther into the data. You can observe who is reading your emails, when they do so, whose devices they are using, their surfing patterns and how they navigate your entire website. 

With the help of these insightful data points, you can intelligently modify your email marketing campaigns and significantly increase conversion rates, ultimately bringing more clients to your company.

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How Can Our Hubspot Email Consulting Help You?

Create engaging and eye-catching email campaigns with our qualified specialists at Pearl Lemon Leads. We can increase your open and click rates by tailoring and adjusting emails for each unique client.

Any campaign must carefully plan its schedule. We ensure that your emails are timed to arrive in your clients’ inboxes at the most convenient and appropriate time, regardless of their time zone.

We’ll demonstrate how you can use A/B tests and analytics to get the most out of your email campaigns by looking at your most popular content, subject lines, etc. Based on this information, we assist in developing new email campaigns.

We have years of experience in the consulting industry and are aware of the market’s pulse. We are aware of the market’s pulse. Our Hubspot email consultants will bring with them the Hubspot knowledge that will go a long way toward helping you build your email campaigns following the current client needs and market trends.

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When you partner with HubSpot email consultants, you’ll work with a technical professional who will get intimately familiar with your company’s needs and processes. Your technical consultant may assist you in streamlining procedures, removing obstacles, and making the most of HubSpot.

Both solutions include crucial CRM features like contact and lead management, email marketing, and sales forecasting. Regarding customisation, analytics, and advanced functionality, Salesforce excels, user-friendliness and affordable options, HubSpot beats Salesforce.

Yes. The email marketing solutions from HubSpot provide all the features you need. It allows you to create and send appropriate emails while optimising performance independently. You know the information you’re using to personalise your emails is accurate because your HubSpot CRM database powers it.

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