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Have you ever experienced talking to a customer through the phone and you can’t understand them because they’re using a different language? 

Perhaps you received a call from a client that wanted to talk about customisation on their order, but you couldn’t decipher what they were saying even with Google translate? 

Or maybe you want to expand your business overseas but couldn’t do so because you don’t know how to speak their native language?

It’s definitely frustrating. And sometimes, these circumstances can affect your existing or potential clients.

Well, the reality of our world is that not everybody can speak English and many countries value their language since it is a vital part of their culture. Even if most countries have already incorporated English in their educational curriculums, you can’t expect everyone to know the language.

In fact, only 1.35 billion people in the world use English as their native or second language.

So as a business that goes above and beyond, we know you’d still take those opportunities because, after all– it’s still business.

Here at Pearl Lemon Leads, we know how valuable it is to accommodate global customers. That’s why we offer our multilingual telemarketing services that can make your business stand out internationally. Let your existing and potential customers be at ease whenever talking about your brand.

Remember, nothing beats the comfort of talking in your own language.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can start communicating with the world.

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Multilingual Telemarketing Agency

A call through the phone or telephone is your finest way of communication when faced with a grand business opportunity abroad.

Multilingual telemarketing helps push your brand into new markets with the assurance that your business is portrayed the way you want it to look. Utilising the capability to speak many languages can help you bypass challenging gatekeepers or engage in sophisticated local conversations anywhere to sell your brand.

By using native languages, your products and services can reach a wider market, and your business will be able to identify precisely the right customers for your brand.

With Pearl Lemon Leads‘ multilingual telemarketing services, you can be rest assured that your business will be well represented since our telemarketers are native speakers of your choice.

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Why Hire A Multilingual Telemarketing Agency?

Aside from the fact that we are leveraging the idea that customers feel more comfortable when talking in their native language, there are other reasons why your business definitely needs to hire native speakers for your telemarketing abroad.

Time & Cost Efficient

When you hire a multilingual telemarketing agency with native telemarketers, you can control you costs and avoid the hassle of employing more personnel. It also saves you the time of hiring and assessing people that usually takes long.

Flexible & Fast Marketing

Hiring an agency that has all the native speakers you need makes it easier to disseminate the needed information for your marketing campaigns. Pearl Lemon Leads can also customise your marketing strategies to make it customer-friendly. By customisation, we mean we can cater your wants while also incorporating cultural charactersitics of your foreign market.

Single Source Functionality

Because you hired an agency that has it all, you don’t need to contact multiple sources when you have changes in your plans. Our expert telemarketers are connected through a cloud-based system and a passion for all things that drive progress. Our workflow process is so robust that it can get everyone going in one command.

Avoid Cultural Misunderstandings

Different places, mean different cultures– and that could mean different standards as well. We understand that like businesses, cultures vary as well. You don’t want to be cancelled or be called a racist because you didn’t know the culture of a foreign country. With Pearl Lemon Leads, we’ll be doing cultural research on your selected countries to avoid being misunderstood bys customers.

Better Opportunities & Insights

A new market will mean new insights. And in order to understand exactly what their feedback and constructive criticisms are, you need someone that can understand their native tongue. We can also open new opportunities in regions that are hard to reach since we have the best persuasive people in town.

Topple Over Language Barriers

It’s a challenge to market your brand in an unfamiliar place and language. Poor translations and mispronunciations, as we’ve mentioned earlier, can cost you either your customer or your reputation. By hiring a multilingual telemarketing agency, language barriers that can be the cause of your doom will be eradicated.

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The Services We Offer

Pearl Lemon Leads understands that you have different telemarketing needs. That’s why we offer a variety of services that we assure you will be well-delivered.

B2B Lead Generation

We use cutting-edge technology and employ expert telemarketing agents to find B2B and B2C connections through local site searches, internet research, and social networking sites. We'll also cross-check each prospect and their demands to guarantee successful phone marketing.

Inside Sales

In the course of conversing with prospective clients, we will always look out for potential signs that would indicate their interest in purchasing. Once we guarantee a lead to be up for conversion, it will quickly be transferred into your CRM to close business sales.

Appointment Setting

We will schedule a meeting with your sales professionals for further discussions after the lead requirement has been assessed and approved. The qualified prospects will be tagged and forwarded to your sales team for conversion.

Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls can give us reliable insight since it will classify lead value and their possible intents. The data generated can be used to personalise the sales pitch to evoke a more favorable response from these leads.


We'll send email reminders to leads who have given their approval to be engaged with. Follow-up emails will be sent to prospective contacts who have expressed an interest in purchasing.

If you need a service that isn’t present above, feel free to talk to us.

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I’ve worked closely with the founder of the company over the last year and have had the pleasure of seeing him and the business grow and develop. They are a smart and motivated team. I have seen that they truly care about being the best - both in terms of getting results and customer service.
Valentina K
I had a first hand experince working alongside Pearl lemon. I have seen the company generate alot of appointments over that period. Really impressed with how the team is managed & work together as a unit. Would defiantly recommend, a company driven to achieve great results.
Leslie Wellard
We had the opportunity to work with the sales team at Pearl Lemon and in fact even shared one of their internal resources for an Italian lead generation campaign. The insights and solutions that Pearl Lemon and specifically their lead generation department bought and has helped speed up our outreach process significantly. We've developed a strong working relationship and get solid consulting advice from them and have since built up a regular pipeline of leads. I'd work with them if I was you.
Vittorio Bomberino
Had the privilege of working with Pearl Lemon for almost 2 years, Learnt everything anyone would need to learn to unlock their Digital Marketing Potentials, I was lucky enough to work directly with The Founder, Deepak Shukla whom I've learned a lot from! Would 100% recommend it to all clients! The team is just amazing and very helpful, and I got the chance to lead my own team as well- If you want growth then Pearl Lemon is the best choice!
Adham Rabee

Gain International Reach

The first word that comes out of your telemarketer can either make or break your campaign. And one of the factors that you have to consider when going international is the fact that people speak in different languages.

So as a business, we know you have to make sure that your campaign is customer-friendly and personalised in order to get more customer attention and connections.

At Pearl Lemon Leads, we wouldn’t want any business an incurring opportunity cost. Our expert multilingual telemarketers are always ready to receive your campaigns and improve your sales.

We’re ready whenever you are. Contact us.


Multilingual telemarketing is when telemarketers use native languages of countries to communicate with new and existing customers abroad. 

Multilingualism allows you to communicate more effectively with international commercial partners or clients. The linguistic advantage is more evident in many corporate cultures, especially when it comes to the “entertaining” element of discussions or transactions.

International ​telemarketing means using native languages in marketing your products and services through the phone internationally. Your business can reach a much wider audience and you can target precisely the right customers with this type of telemarketing.

You can definitely learn as many languages as you like and share that knowledge with your group. However, that would would take up a lot of time. And by the time that you’ve already have a team for telemarketing, the opportunity you’re seeking might’ve passed up already. That’s why Pearl Lemon Web’s multilingual telemarketers are ready to help your business any time with your international aim.

Every telemarketing campaign we take on is different, so offering a definitive price on a ‘one size fits all’ basis just isn’t possible. We can tell you that our services are very competitively priced and the return on your investment will exceed your expectations.

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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