Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads – Know the Difference

The usual goal of a cold calling campaign isn’t to make an instant sale, although that is obviously the ideal outcome. What usually results when a lead generation company completes a successful cold calling campaign is a list of potential customers – people or businesses that have shown an interest in what you sell and are keen to hear more

Working with a lead generation company that conducts a successful cold calling campaign on your behalf will provide you with that list, but then what? A successful lead generation strategy is great only if you can figure out what leads will actually perform as you’d like them to.


Let’s imagine you run a High Street shop. A qualified lead is someone who steps into your shop with the intention of buying something. An unqualified lead is someone who goes into your shop to get out of the rain. Make sure that you are focused on your target audience to ensure that any potential lead is a qualified one.

There’s a possibility that the unqualified lead could become a customer, but it’s much easier to sell to the qualified lead; that person already knows you and what you sell. An unqualified lead takes up more of your precious resources, even if you do manage to get a sale.

Working with a lead generation company doesn’t make you work that hard; they deliver only qualified leads – potential customers in your target market who’ve expressed interest in your products or services. The cold calling service introduced you. Now all you need to do is close the deal.


After a Cold Calling Campaign, a lead gen company provides you with qualified leads from a lead generation campaign with their successful lead generation strategy. It’s up to you or your sales team to move those leads from the outer edge of your sales funnel – where they are when you meet them – all the way through to a sale, out the bottom of the funnel. This process, called lead nurturing, builds on the goodwill and enthusiasm for your services that the lead generation company kick-started for you.

Many of the leads you get from a cold calling service may not be in a position to buy from you right away. It can take as many as six or seven “touches” or connections before even a qualified lead is ready to buy. Some may never become your customers – for financial, strategic or logistical reasons.

ReRegardless, don’t give up nurturing your leads. Although qualified leads have been primed by your cold calling service, you still need to make a great impression. The beginning of any relationship requires effort and finesse. Nurturing qualified leads is time and effort spent that pays off though. Consider the following:

  • Nurtured leads usually end up buying more from you.
  • Leads that you nurture are more likely to become repeat customers.
  • Despite the extra effort, nurturing qualified leads costs less than finding new customers in other ways.
  • Nurtured clients feel important and are more likely to give you referral business.
  • Lead generation company lead nurturing


Sales rarely just happen in any niche. They usually take hard work and dedicated follow-up before you see the results. However, thanks to your cold calling campaign and lead generation efforts, when those leads are ready to buy, your company will be top-of-mind, and you’ll get your sale.

It is the combination of a Cold Calling Campaign and effective lead generation techniques in your marketing strategy that will increase your conversion rate with every potential client.

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