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While Instagram is extremely popular, much of what users post on the platform focuses on holidays, health and wellness, celebrities, infotainment, food, pets, and other lifestyle content. This makes it perfect for reaching B2C audiences, but B2B businesses may not consider Instagram as a potential marketing channel for their businesses.

However, B2B companies should not dismiss this low-cost and effective marketing channel. The truth is that B2B buyers are also on Instagram, and with the right strategy, a digital marketing campaign on this social media network can be a great way to reach them and an excellent source of B2B leads.

As a leading Instagram B2B lead generation agency, we can tell you that as it stands, Instagram is used by thousands of brands and a number of high-profile B2B organizations to drive brand recognition, engage with their audience, and ultimately generate valuable leads and new business prospects.

Instagram B2B lead generation does call for a different approach than you may be used to, and will involve new content creation strategies you might not be familiar with. But with 800 million active monthly users out there, is it a platform you can afford to ignore?  And if you enlist the help of our Instagram B2B lead generation agency it may even become one of the best sources of social B2B leads you’ve ever tapped.

B2B Instagram Basics

Still not sure that Instagram is a place your B2B business belongs? Instagram is the second most popular social media platform for B2B marketers after LinkedIn, with 70% of B2B marketers reporting that they use the platform for lead generation.

B2B companies are using Instagram for content creation and engagement, with 60% of B2B brands using the platform to post product and industry-related content. If it’s a place your competition is, why wouldn’t you be there too?  

Instagram’s visual nature and emphasis on image based storytelling make it a powerful tool for B2B lead generation. By using visually appealing graphics, product demos, and video content, B2B companies can engage on a wider scale with their target audience and generate leads they may not have been able to find and connect with elsewhere.

Instagram’s advertising options allow B2B companies to reach a specific target audience, which is crucial for effective B2B lead generation. If your business is considering making use of PPC ads as a part of a wider B2B lead generation strategy Instagram may offer a bigger bang for your buck, and these days everyone is looking to get the best possible ROI on any marketing spend.

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Instagram influencer marketing can be an effective way for B2B companies to reach a new audience and generate leads. There are an increasing number of B2B influencers on social media that business people follow as loyally as teenage girls follow Kardashians, and are more than interested in what they have to say, they are buying what they are selling too.

It’s important to keep in mind that lead generation on Instagram may look different for different industries and companies. There is no one size fits all recipe for Instagram B2B lead generation, whatever some people might try to tell you (usually when trying to sell you a guide or course.)

To get the best Instagram B2B lead generation results there are basic best practices you can follow, but you’ll also need to do your own research and analyze your target audience and competition to determine the best approach for your B2B lead generation efforts on Instagram. Or better still, partner with an experienced Instagram B2B lead generation agency who can do all of that – and more – for you.

How Pearl Lemon Leads Can Help

As we mentioned, there is no single strategy that can be followed step by step to effectively generate B2B leads on Instagram, which is why every campaign we launch for our clients is bespoke and tailored just to meet their unique needs. There are however some basics that are universal when it comes to just how Pearl Lemon Leads can help any business ready to leverage Instagram’s B2B lead generation potential:

We'll Optimize Your Instagram Profile

It only takes up a tiny amount of Internet real estate, but your Instagram profile is big time important, a fact that far too many Instagram users hoping to generate leads overlook.

Your Instagram profile should clearly reflect your brand and what you have to offer. You should use effective keywords in your bio, have an appropriate profile picture, and platform name – aka Instagram handle – to make it easier for people to find, and then remember, you. You also have to make the best use of that single active link it offers.

As an Instagram B2B lead generation agency we ensure that our clients get the most out of their profile. We do the ‘boring’ keyword research to ensure that your profile features the best ones, have our expert copywriters ensure that your bio’s content is optimized and engaging, and that your link is the most appropriate one for the current lead generation campaign (an Instagram bio link can and should be changed as needed you know!)

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We'll Help You Create Higher Quality Images and Videos

Instagram is a primarily visual platform, so it’s important to use very high-quality images and videos to showcase your products and services while also making sure to use a consistent aesthetic and style that aligns with your brand. You’ll also need to do all of this while staying within Instagram’s posting parameters, which means that images must be a certain size, videos must be a certain length and some surprising things are simply not allowed.

As our team has been working on B2B Instagram lead generation for a long time now we have assembled a team of talented creatives who can help you create the kind of visually appealing, instantly engaging content that will stop your target audience mid-scroll to pay attention to what you are posting (and what you have to offer them.)

We'll Help You Utilize Instagram Stories More Effectively

Instagram Stories are a great way to quickly and frequently engage with your followers and build brand awareness. We’ll help you learn to use them effectively to promote new products, showcase behind-the-scenes content, run promotions and even share content that will help position your business as a thought leader in your niche.

We'll Ensure You Post Consistently

Posting engaging, optimized content regularly on Instagram is a must, but as it is time consuming failing to do so is the statistically single biggest cause of B2B lead generation on Instagram.

When you work with an Instagram B2B lead generation agency like ours you don’t need to remember to post and create content on Instagram because our team of experts does it on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with the things you need to find time for, like running your business and closing deals with the leads we generate.

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We'll Help You Utilize Hashtags More Effectively

Using relevant hashtags can significantly help increase the visibility of your posts and make it easier for the right people to find you. However, using the wrong ones can have the opposite effect when it comes to reaching your target audience. And using too many hashtags at the wrong times can just annoy your audience, even if they are the right ones.

We will do the research to find the best hashtags for your niche and include them in your posts in just the right amounts, monitoring their effectiveness at all times and making adjustments to our strategies on the fly when needed.

We'll Ensure You Engage With Your Followers

Engaging with your followers is essential for effective B2B lead generation on Instagram, but who has time to watch Instagram 24/7? We do! With your guidance our team will respond to comments and messages, and can even begin the lead nurturing process while you sleep.  

We'll Help Your Forge Effective Instagram Partnerships

Collaborating with other businesses in your niche, or those business influencers we mentioned, can help you reach a new audience and generate even more new leads. Finding and forging these relationships is not easy or quick however, but our Instagram B2B lead generation agency team has both the time and experience to do so effectively on your behalf.

We Can Help You Run Instagram Ads

Instagram offers a range of advertising options, including sponsored posts and Stories ads. These can be a great way to reach a wider audience and generate targeted leads very quickly.Should you decide that PPC advertising is for you our experts will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best possible ROI from an Instagram ad spend.

Ready to learn more about what working with a leading Instagram B2B lead generation agency could do for your business? Contact us today and let’s get that conversation started.

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Instagram Lead Generation FAQs

Yes, Instagram is a valuable marketing channel for B2B businesses. Despite its focus on lifestyle content, B2B buyers are present on the platform, and with the right strategy, it can be an effective source of B2B leads.

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform for B2B marketers, after LinkedIn. About 70% of B2B marketers use Instagram for lead generation.

B2B companies can use Instagram for content creation, engagement, and advertising. By utilizing visually appealing graphics, product demos, videos, and targeting specific audiences, B2B companies can generate leads and engage with their target audience effectively.

Yes, Instagram influencer marketing can be an effective way for B2B companies to reach new audiences and generate leads. There are B2B influencers on social media who have a loyal following and can influence purchasing decisions.

No, lead generation on Instagram may vary for different industries and companies. There is no universal recipe for success. Each B2B company needs to analyze its target audience, competition, and industry to determine the best approach for their Instagram lead generation efforts.

Pearl Lemon Leads is an experienced Instagram B2B lead generation agency. We offer customized campaigns tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We optimize Instagram profiles, create high-quality images and videos, utilize Instagram Stories effectively, manage consistent posting, use hashtags strategically, engage with followers, forge effective partnerships, and provide guidance on running Instagram ads.

Optimizing an Instagram profile is crucial for lead generation. The profile should clearly reflect the brand, use effective keywords, have an appropriate profile picture, and make the best use of the active link to drive traffic to the desired destination.

Instagram is a visual platform, and high-quality images and videos are essential for capturing the attention of the audience. Using visually appealing content helps showcase products and services and aligns with the brand’s aesthetic, increasing engagement and lead generation potential.

Engaging with followers is crucial for B2B lead generation on Instagram. Responding to comments and messages, and nurturing leads through engagement helps build relationships and increases the chances of converting followers into valuable leads.

Instagram offers various advertising options, including sponsored posts and Stories ads. Running targeted Instagram ads can help reach a wider audience quickly and generate highly relevant leads for B2B businesses.

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