Lead generation tips

Lead Generation Tips: 3 Knock Out Tips For Lead Generation

Lead Generation Tips

If you are new to marketing, you may not know what lead generation is. 

Let’s discuss it.

Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest in your product or services with hopes of a sale or collecting interest with emails or social media.

Lead generation is an exciting way to gain new revenue and expand your business, and I will share a few tips to get you on your way.

Lead Generation Tip 1: Social Media

Social media has proven to be a juggernaut when it comes to self-promotion and marketing. 

It’s another excellent way to reach prospective clients, stay engaged, and hear input on your newest projects. 

One of the biggest social media platforms allows you to use their podium for lead campaigns. 

Social Media

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Facebook has garnered some heat the past few years for their practices with ads. But, we can all agree they will continue to be on the top of their game when it comes to clickable content. 

When using their platform, the same incentive has to come into play regarding how you optimise your profile and how interesting or engaging your social media lead campaigns are.

The use of social leads ads is a powerful tool to generate lookalike audiences. 

Social media leads do include names, addresses, email addresses, and sometimes other forms of information. 

The best social media platforms for new lead generations are Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. 

Lead Generation Tip 2: Cold Emails

Cold emails will always be considered one of the best ways to gain lead generation.

The best way to use this technique successfully is to gain trust and avoid spam-like behaviour. 

Cold emailing is convenient and less intimidating in regards to speaking to the prospective client.

Patient, slow, and measured will always win this race and gain compulsive clickers who are curious about your brand and what you sell.

Cold Emails


The best part about it?  Focusing your time and energy on cold email lead generation allows you to get creative. 

Personalisation is enormous when you speak to the client as an individual, and you are allowed to show off your research through tidbits of information about their company or business. 

Lastly, share something fun or some exciting news about your brand they may enjoy; in turn, draw their interest to visit your website or social media page. 

Lead Generation Tip 3: Google Ads

Using google lead ads to draw in business is not only wise and recommended for successful website traffic. 

Lead generation Google ads are an online adversity strategy that directs traffic your way, not available to you through social media or cold emails. 

Google has about 92.42% market share when it comes to high commercial and regular use of cellphones. 

The first process is seeking the correct keywords for your prospective client base. 

For example, if you sell shampoo, centre your keyword around shampoo, salon, and any other keywords associated with shampoo and your target base. 

When it comes to using google ads to generate leads, the most crucial advice is to avoid organic traffic, focusing on Adwords, which Google will put your company right at the top of search results. 

The main focus is keywords and the ability to draw those clients to your website and social media pages.

Google Ads

Lastly, make sure your page is optimised, and you run the correct amount of tests that will give you a quality score. 

One way to boost your chance to sway your competitor’s prospects over to you is to and will use similar keywords to divert the traffic to gain clients interested in the services you provide. 

In return, it will give you the data you need to stand up against your competitors and focus on visitors who will visit your landing page and leave their contact information. 

In closing

Lead generation is the most successful avenue to take when it comes to collecting new leads. 

Three tips are just touching the surface when it comes to all the techniques and strategies. 

With all your research and an incredible team, you will have the ability to have an outstanding lead generation campaign and draw in interest for your company’s sales and products ratio.