The Definitive Guide


Chapter 1

The basics: cold email 101

Chapter 2

Cold Email Tools & Automation

Chapter 3

Writing results-driven cold email

Chapter 4

Rules & Regulations

Chapter 5

Cold Email & Lead Gen

Chapter 6

Outsourcing Cold Email

Chapter 1
The Basics Of Cold Email

What Is Cold Email?

Cold email is the act of sending an email to someone you don’t know.

A cold email is unsolicited and targeted.

Why Should You Send Cold Email?

Cold email is cost effective.
In a business environment, you are guaranteed someone at their place of work will check their email.

Cold email is very easy to scale; using automation software.

Cold Email Myths?

The following are misconceptions about cold email:

  1. It is spamming
  2. Nobody opens cold email any more
  3. People do not answer cold email
  4. Cold emails are sent by dodgy outsourced  companies
  5. Cold emails end up being marked as Spam

How I got Into Cold Email?

In October 2016, without any reliable lead generation networks for my digital marketing agency, I
took up courses and spent a lot of time learning and delivering leads for myself.
I have never looked back since then.

Why Cold Email Still Works

Compared to other platforms, email has not changed over time, it is not as susceptible to re-evention:

  1. Email tends to stick with us.
  2. People do not tend to change their email  accounts over time

Advice For A Newbie In Cold Email?

  1. Put together a good copy
  2. The copy should be something that will get a person to respond
  3. Being creative in your cold email

Chapter 2
Cold Email Tools & Automation

What Is The Best Tool For Cold Email?

There are a bunch of providers you can use:
1. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo to mention but a few
2. Cold email automation tools

What Is The Best Software For Cold Email?

Mailshake is the best as it is easy to scale.

There are others such as Saleshandy, Yesware and Autoklose, just to mention but  a few.

The Best Tool For Cold Email

The most powerful cold email tools is engaging your brain in answering:

1. How do I want  to receive cold email

2. How would I want to be approached?

Chapter 3
Writing Results - Driven Cold Email

Writing Cold Email That Will Make People Respond

The only sure way to getting cold email responses is by speed testing.
Speed testing is where you ultimately write variations of cold email.  This increases the chances of getting the winning one.

5 Cold Email Tips To Double Responses

  1. Test the email subject line
  2. Have different types of email copy and test them
  3. Include your email signature with a company address, the legitimacy of your business
  4. Add something that is memorable to the email
  5. In case you don’t  get a response add a funny GIF,  something like “what, no response?”

Write Best Cold Emails That Get Read

  1. Ensure you verify lists, to avoid your email doesn’t bounce
  2. Write good email content

Most Effective Subject Lines For Cold Email

My favorite variations of effective subject lines are :
Effective organic traffic so as to demonstrate what you are trying to offer:

e.g. Could we help you with your SEO? or Quick question

Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Cold Email

Including spammy words in your email subject and body could potentially crash the deliverability of your email campaigns.

How To Cold Email If You Are Not Getting A Response

  1. Engage with your target audience outside the cold email e.g via social media channels
  2. Acknowledge their lack of response by striking up relatable humor
  3. Space out the response lengths, e.g. from once every two weeks to once every four weeks

How To Make A Connection With Cold Email

Create a rapport :

  1. Compliment your audience for something they have done; don’t make it obvious
  2. Build some humor
  3. Provide some value about your self

Adding A Brochure In Your Email

Don’t add a brochure or pdf to your first email for these reasons:

  1. It is information overwhelm
  2. It is less likely to get past the spam filter

Chapter 4
Rules & Regulations

Correct Length For Cold Email

The first email should be short and precise while uniquely communicating the message.

Best Industries To Cold Email

I recommend you don’t send cold emails to industries that rarely use emails e.g. plumbers, tour artists, independent restaurants, electricians, salons e.t.c

Is Cold Email Legal In The US?

Cold email is still relevantly legal as long as you:

  1. Have an unsubscribe button
  2. Have ethically acquired a legit physical email address
  3. Send relevant emails

Is Cold Email Legal In The EU?

It is legal as long as :

1) You are sending relevant content

2) You ethically acquire the target audience’s emails

3) You don’t hide your IP address

Is Cold Email Legal In Canada?

You should be fine as long as you observe the rules below:

  1. You don’t spam
  2. Don’t send emails to email lists that you have bought
  3. Don’t send irrelevant emails

Is Cold Email Still Allowed In Europe Post-GDPR?

My personal opinion is that it is very much alive, the easiest way to determine this is the healthy growth of cold email software

Be sure to observe the best practices below:
1) Include an unsubscribe button

2) Send emails to people you have a legitimate reason to contact

Cold Emailing CEO's Of Big Companies

The best approach is to first create a rapport with them, by liking, commenting and following the companies on social media channels before cold emailing them.

How Many Cold Emails Should I Send Daily?

The recommended decent number is 50 per day. If you are sending them on behalf of a company you can totally scale up from 50.

Chapter 5
Cold Email & Lead Gen

Effective Cold Email Strategies To Increase Sales

  1. Build a robust email list  -ensure you’re buying your list from a decent broker.
  2. Add a decent level personalization
  3. Clean the email list, you can use a bulk email verifier
  4.  Find a personal genuine reason to connect
  5. Have a catchy subject line
  6. Build some humor

How To Send Cold Emails To Get More Clients

  1. Build an online profile
  2. Have online  reviews about yourself
  3. Have a case study that is relevant to the industry
  4. Have out of the box, relevant emails

Cold Email And GDPR

As long as you do not send people spam emails then you have no reason to worry.

The Best Place To Find Cold Email Leads

The most popular place to find emails of people you want to reach out is Linkedin, where a business or individual within a business is easily identifiable.

You can use data mining tools such as to help download emails from Linkedin.

Effective Call To Action For Cold Email

As long as you avoid cliches, any call of action is appropriate, the end goal is to get your target audience to respond.

Blogger Outreach Via Cold Email

Look for lists that you can find bloggers from, start with 20 to 50 bloggers a day and scale up to do wider campaigns.

This will help to get references and referrals.

Getting On Podcasts With Cold Email

You could scrap email lists from podcast platforms such as iTunes, google play etc.
If the emails are not listed publicly, try getting the name of an actual podcast episode, create a category and  use this principle to start sending cold emails.

Combining LinkedIn With Cold Email

The best approach is to start a dialogue on LinkedIn and then following it up on cold email at the very best after 3-7 days.

Chapter 6
Outsourcing Cold Email

Can You Outsource Cold Email?

You can absolutely have someone else to manage the process entirely. However, initially, it is recommended that you do it yourself for a couple of months.

How To Outsource Cold Emails

  1. Create a whole system via screencast to outsource cold emails
  2. Think of all the questions and document and map out the entire process
  3. Involve a project manager if you can.
  4. Re-build the entire program in about 3 months based upon the out sourcing process.

Cold Emailing For HR And Staffing

HR and staffing companies always have a need for leads and hence an easily identifiable market.

Cold Email For Financial Services

The key things to consider:

  1. Be personable while paying attention to how you present yourself online
  2. Expect case studies, context and doing business with established companies
  3. Financial services will tend to be a bit more formal

Cold Email For Digital Agencies

Every company needs digital marketing and every digital agency will be happy to take up more leads.

It is an excellent industry to target as clients to start generating cold email links.

How To Send Cold Email To A CEO

The rule of thumb is to generally be more personalized. When cold-emailing a CEO:

  1. Have some context
  2. Compliment the CEO
  3. Include correct information

Using LinkedIn For Emails

There are lots of tools (e.g. for scrapping emails from Linkedin as most people put their professional email addresses in their Linkedin profile main. body.

Outsource Your Cold Email Campaigns

  1. Train talented people from the ground
  2. Make training videos and share your process
  3. Hire someone to manage the whole process

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us! If you’d prefer to speak directly to a consultant, book a call!

Contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us! If you’d prefer to speak directly to a consultant, book a call!