Restaurant Cold Calling
Case Study

restaurant cold calling

Jelly was a client of ours who came to us for our restaurant cold calling services to help secure more users for their app. What they do is provide an app to restaurants to make recipe costing easier and faster. The goal of our campaign was to get more restaurant managers and chefs to book a demo call and, in turn sign up for the app.

Our Client markets themselves as the number one food costing app built for chefs. We worked with them for about three months to make cold calls into restaurants across London and get chefs on the phone to look at a demo of their food costing app. The contact lists we used were built by scraping TripAdvisor, and our total list to call from was between 10,000 and 12,000 restaurants and getting on the phone and set appointments.

It’s a really fun, exciting Restaurant Cold Calling campaign yet again. This client is another example of a company that raised about two and a half million back in 2017. Our client came to us as a means of bulking up their slide deck for when they try and raise again.

The Jelly campaign held Restaurant Cold Calling communications daily via Whatsapp chats, with weekly stat reports sent over email, plus calls as needed. A few of our calling lists had 652, 7800 and 1428 contacts, respectively. Each week, although it varied, had secured bookings and other lead types generated.

Some weeks we had 5 leads booked, and other weeks, we had over 16 leads booked for 5 days of calling. We averaged 5 a day through the length of the campaign once we were established.

average RAISED IN 2017
$ 0 million
average leads booked a day
0 +

Partway through the Restaurant Cold Calling campaign, we changed some gears and called people who had previously expressed interest but had not signed up. Our client’s team provided this list. This led to fewer calls in terms of call volume each day but resulted in a higher “show up” rate for demos.

It was enjoyable to engage in Restaurant Cold Calling, calling restaurants. The semantics of it are talking to the man at the front door or the owner sometimes and the general manager and just dealing with the challenges of calling across the UK.

Each weekly report had a breakdown of the leads and lead types and included call recordings as well. This was the best way for our client to hear what was going on without having to sit and listen to an entire cold calling session.

Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Services with Pearl Lemon

We figure out who the people in charge are at your desired targeted companies to get them in your calendar for you to close the deal.

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Thorough Qualification Process

Our qualification process helps identify who is or is not a good fit for your company.

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Cold Calling with Pearl Lemon

Our Restaurant Cold Calling cold calling team is one of the most experienced and highly adaptable teams you can find to call for you. Our lead generation experts have 20 years of collective experience in lead generation and cold calling.

Our team has the fantastic skill set of learning your SaaS tool’s unique features to make an effective sale. Whether your tool is aimed at B2B or B2C, we have got you covered.

All in all, this was an entertaining campaign to make cold calls for. Cold calling restaurants across London had their unique challenges and hurdles to overcome. But this was just a perfect, fun and exciting campaign.

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