Top Ten Tips To Become The Podcast Guest Everyone Wants to Book

There is one hard truth in business you can’t escape. Even if you have the best product in your niche, or offer the best service that previous clients have raved about, potential new clients can’t buy a thing from you unless they know about you, which is why podcast marketing – and marketing 24/7 – is so important.

But there’s no longer one set ‘best way’ to market your company, your brand, or even yourself. The most effective marketing plans have to include strategies that cover lots of different tactics, some of them you might not be familiar with yourself yet. In 2019, one of those is podcast guesting.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are not something many marketers might be too familiar with – although they should be – but the public certainly are. Check out this big infographic from Music Oomph to get an idea of the potential that podcasts have in 2019:

Detailed insights about Podcasts e.g formats,stats,demographics etc

See that bit at the top? About the top 5 most popular podcasting genres? Business is right there at number two. And the people listening to podcasts are the kinds of people that any entrepreneur, small business owner or company in general would want to connect with. Affluent, educated, serious about business, ready to buy.

One way, obviously, you can leverage this medium is to podcast yourself. And, if you have the time – money isn’t so much of an issue, podcasting is cheap and relatively easy to get into – it’s a great idea. But not everyone has the time. They have businesses to run, lives to lead. They already outsource much of their marketing because they don’t have the time to focus on it themselves.

Podcast guesting is a different story. This is a chance for you to showcase your skills, knowledge, your brand and, perhaps most importantly yourself. But before you head off trying to find podcasts to share your wisdom on – and I know some people who can help you with that when you’re ready – you need to know how to become the podcast guest hosts want on their show. And that is what the following top ten tips list is all about.

10. Be Real

Podcasts are about being real and cutting out the baloney. Yes, your marketing materials and website should look serious, polished and professional, but when you want to connect with a new audience via audio, you need to talk to your host and the audience like you’d talk to a friend. Be real. Talk like a human, not a “brand”. Be yourself.

9. Don’t Bring Your Elevator Pitch

Every business guru tells you to craft an elevator pitch. That minute long soundbite that sells you and your offerings in the time it would (theoretically) take to ride up in a lift (elevator) with a prospect. And most of us have one. But when you guest on a podcast you should (figuratively) leave it at home.

Cliche messages are perfect for posters, coffee mugs, and T-shirts, but not for podcasts. Podcast listeners want juicy details, riveting stories, and real emotion. If all of your answers sound like one schmoozy elevator pitch, they won’t trust you. Not sure what the right tone to set is? Just ask the host. The host is your guide.

8. Care About Your Audio.

Be serious how you’ll sound. Don’t think all you have to do is be on your phone and it’s all good. Going on a podcast and being ONLY on the phone and walking around or being in some place that is super noisy is like you showing up to have a business meeting straight out of bed without even brushing your teeth. You not only make yourself ‘look’ bad but also the podcast you are on, and the podcaster will more likely than not, not promote your episode if the audio sucks.

7. Know The Show

Listen to one or two previous shows before you jump into your interview. This is easy to forget, but it’s crucial. You should know the general vibe, the structure, the host’s personality and likes/dislikes before showing up on the show.

If your host hates talking about politics, and you bring it up repeatedly, it’s clear you didn’t do your homework. It should also go without saying that if your host sends you prep questions, take a few minutes to review those questions. The host wants to make you look good! Don’t self-sabotage.

6. Answer Every Question

If someone asks you a question, answer it, you are not a politician. As soon as you skate around questions, your listeners question your M.O. And don’t forget–once you’ve finished answering a question, stop. Don’t ramble to fill the silence. Dead air is the interviewer’s problem.

5. Laugh A Little

People need more laughter in their chaotic work days. Laughter is contagious, even when spread via audio. Lead the laughter and lighten the mood for the listeners. They want to giggle with you and feel like friends.

4. It’s Ok To Stumble

This isn’t a drama school audition–you need not speak perfectly when in the “spotlight”. If you stumble over your words, feel free to make fun of yourself. Again, speaking like yourself will translate far better than trying to sound like someone else.

3. Focus On The Task At Hand

While recording the podcast, focus only on doing that. Turn off your IM, stop multitasking and responding to emails (we can hear you typing!), and please don’t eat, or drink. Don’t chew gum. People can hear those slurps, and it’s awful.

2. Don’t Sell Your Sh*t.

This one shouldn’t need an explanation.

1. Name Issues

For the love of Pod, learn how to pronounce the show host’s name. This is painful–sort of like nails on a chalkboard – if you get it wrong.