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Selling insurance, including health insurance, has always been a competitive business.

You can go on offering the most comprehensive policies, affordable prices, and even the best deals, but that won’t matter if you don’t reach prospects and possible clients or market your product offerings. 

To reach your market, you must employ marketing strategies–compelling sales pitches that are highly feasible for your company.

One of which is cold calling. 

Although cold calling is challenging, it is highly effective. Studies show that 82% of buyers have accepted meetings with sales reps who actively reached out through outbound calls.

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The Proof It Still Qualifies

Not only does cold calling still exist, but the high and extremely favourable statistics that cold calling still generates show it’s still an effective tool for marketers. 49% of buyers prefer cold calls as their company’s point of contact.

It is true that cold calling, like any other marketing approach, is not always the most effective option in every situation. Nonetheless, if done effectively, it has the potential to be a highly successful technique for selling your health-insurance services.

Furthermore, it has the potential to be incredibly beneficial in the development of connections with prospective clients.

Chatting with prospects about their long-term objectives or desires is beneficial since it may assist in building human connections, which is not always simple to do through email communication.

Sometimes a cold call may open the door for an ongoing conversation that allows prospects to take an active role in their health and insurance decisions while you serve as their professional guide.

Prospective clients may already be aware that they require assistance in establishing their insurance plan, and your cold call may serve as the trigger that prompts them to take the next step toward obtaining that assistance.

Cold Calling Best Practices

Since it’s relatively outdated (let’s be honest), cold calling has employed simpler steps compared to other more modernized marketing strategies. 

However, cold calling for health insurance may sometimes require a little warmth compared to the usual cold call. 

It includes more sensitive and personal information–family details, income, and even health complications.

It would be best if you had insurance cold call scripts to give you direction on what you should do.

We also understand that building and gaining trust is extremely important. So, give your prospects room to ask open-ended questions and answer them promptly. Simplify any insurance industry jargon. This goes a long way in ensuring that the prospects or clients are not left doubtful.

1. Research

Just like every marketing strategy, the process starts with research. It is essential to know and understand the client before making each call. 

Knowing in advance about their families, the insurance coverage they now have, and their estimated income will be a massive advantage for you. You can then present them with a more tailored pitch to their needs.

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2. Find common ground

This is paramount to building a connection with the prospect. Also, it’s where your research comes in handy. 

Find a way to relate to your client. Have a shared connection and nurture it. This will not only help your relationship with the client but will also help you understand how you can pitch the insurance to them in a way that will be more effective.

3. Remain positive and build trust

Be friendly.

Some even say to speak with a smile.

Insurance is a morbid product (for illnesses, accidents, death, and bereavement), but you should be able to steer the discussion on a positive note. Basically, it’s all about income protection.

It’s crucial to avoid inspiring dread in your client because doing so will turn them off and increase the likelihood that you’ll receive a response along the lines of, “I’ll think about it,” rather than a request to utilize your service.

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laptop work, Cold Calling for Health Insurance, Lead generation, cold calling, cold email

4. Listen and stop pitching.

Again, the product you’re selling is something that is quite nerve-wracking for others. You must remain composed and focused on projecting yourself as a trusted expert who is there to help and guide. 

Always remember that active listening skills are more important than your pitching or upselling skills

There are times when you have to stop pitching and start listening.

You must know when that moment occurs. Once you’re sure you can put together the best package that meets all the client’s needs, including a budget, begin offering them the product.

3. Evaluate

Record your sales calls and start evaluating yourself.

This is an excellent practice to improve yourself for your next calls further. Consider questions like: Is your voice okay? Was it too fast? Too empathic? Too cold? 

From that, develop your skills to sell more insurance in the future!

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We Have The Team That Can Help

Designed to generate leads and close the transactions, Pearl Lemon Leads has a team of highly skilled marketers that are ready to employ their talent for the betterment of your business.

All levels of the organization benefit from our comprehensive coverage of critical areas and abilities.

The practice of cold calling, while it may be considered by some to be an old-fashioned method of obtaining leads, is nonetheless widely used in today’s businesses.

For example, the most successful approach to establishing human relationships with new clients is still cold calling them on the phone. This opens the door to forming long-term commercial ties, which would otherwise be hard to build through other channels.

Cold calling is also an effective means of educating new hires and allowing them to practise their sales presentations (as long as they benefit from clear and practical training, of course).

If you want to get the most out of implementing cold calls to your marketing strategies, hire our team at Pearl Lemon Leads and witness our expert professionals’ immediate impact on your company.

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A company’s revenue and profit can be improved in various ways, and cold calling is only one of them.

Because sales are the primary source of money and business growth, this is a great place to start as it will increase the company’s reach and amount of clients, increasing the chances for a boost in sales.

It’s no coincidence that our lead generation department uses the same strategies and tactics to generate leads for our clients as we do to generate leads for ourselves.

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