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Hotels are inviting. There’s something attractive about posh suites, huge comfortable beds, and a beautifully curated interior that makes one sleep so much better. 

And all of those with excellent customer service? Simply the best! 

But you may be wondering, your hotel has all of these, maybe even more. You even made sure to have it situated on the best spot in the city to make sure that it can attract a lot of guests. 

However, you’re still not meeting your monthly quota. Or even, if you are, you may want to bring in more guests to enjoy the luxury and elegance your hotel has to offer. 

So what is missing? What can you do to improve the figures? 

The most probable factor in not reaching your monthly goals is that your leads are insufficient. 

Poor marketing strategies can cause your business-to-client relationships to be lacking. 

But do not fret! You can improve this tremendously with the help of a lead generation expert like Pearl Lemon Leads– an award-winning lead generation expert in London. 

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How To Make Lead Generation For Hotels Work For You

Lead generation is the process of getting people to fill in your sales funnel, regardless of where they fall in the different levels of tiers, because the ultimate goal is always to convert these leads into prospects and in doing so, guarantee guests. 

Below are just some ways to generate leads and the best and most effective way to do so.

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Better offers

Customers are always looking for the best deals and with the tight competition in the hotel industry, those with the best offers stand on top of the pyramid

Make sure that you formulate excellent, hard-to-resist offers that only your establishment can take pride in! 

This will surely bring in guests and, in turn, will become of greater value as the word spreads to more potential customers.

Make relevant content

Marketing with content is a fantastic way to lure customers in. You have to keep in mind that they may not have the intention to reach out yet or form any type of engagement. However, one way to help make sure that happens is by posting engaging and beneficial content to your guests. 

Use blog posts, videos, reviews, testimonials, and other content-related forms of your business, as this is often a sure-fire way to stimulate a customer’s interest.

Better customer engagement

There’s an easy way to do this by ensuring that there are opt-ins consistently across your website. 

This comes in live chat, downloading forms, pop-up buttons, call-to-actions, and the likes-anything to get a possible guest to engage in any form of action.

Make use of lead magnets

This is one of the most traditional forms of lead generation and one of the most overlooked ones. And what’s ridiculous is that this is the one that works best among all the other classic marketing methods. 

Lead magnets are an effective way to generate leads and convert an individual to a guest. Here’s how it works: You’re giving something valuable away in exchange for a customer’s information. 

Now, what is something valuable? They’re as simple as discount codes, vouchers, gift certificates, or anything that has value. 

This will undoubtedly lure guests in because they’re not giving away their information because they’re gaining something from it too! A win-win situation.

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Get the experts on your team

This is, without a doubt, the best way to gain leads. 

Lead generation experts are not only backed up with experience and all the knowledge needed to make this process more effective, but they also have all the tools required to ensure that the lead generation will be a success. 

They know which sectors to target and how– and for any business, that form of strategic planning is vital to increasing sales.

We Know Lead Generation

If you’re looking to improve monthly guest figures, you’ve come to the right place! 

Nobody does lead generation better than Pearl Lemon Leads

From our various effective services to the level of dedication we have for our clients, we nurture these relationships and turn them into fruitful results. 

Our team of experts does this by making sure that all leads have a personalized experience with us while building your business for them.

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Our team of experts does this by making sure that all leads have a personalized experience with us while building your business for them. 

We use different platforms to gather the best leads for you and your business with less effort and time– a drastic contribution to your company’s long-term success. 

We’ll take care of generating interest and leads, and you can rest assured that we do what we do best because connecting people is our mission. 

From email marketing, outsourcing and telemarketing- we’ll make use of all these channels and more to ensure that you get as many leads as possible in as early as thirty days!

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Within a month, the client recieved 12-25 new leads, some fo which translated into clients. Pearl Lemon establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication and collaboration. The team is knowledgeable, driven, and decisive.
Robin Luc Oppenheim
Pearl Lemon successfully helped the client raise a significant amount of funding. Communication is seamless through weekly calls and regular progress updates. They respond promptly to requests and delivers work ahead of time. They are proactive which resulted in ongoing collaboration.
Matthew Roles
Thanks to Pearl Lemon's SEO efforts, the client noted that their rankings returned and a number of their keywords have improved significantly. Their site also changed in terms of loading time and UX following as they follow the team's recommendations. They are responsive, helpful, and honest.
Sam Wilson
The campaigns led to an influx of new listings as well as buyer leads. Pearl Lemon responds quickly to inquiries and communicates effectively with the internal team. The team is hard-working, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
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A hotel can generate leads through the use of effective marketing strategies such as social media footprints, targeted content, and website optimization. 

Another effective way to do so is by sending marketing paraphernalia in the form of cold emails.

A business without a client cannot thrive. And while traditional ways to garner customers still work, modern and innovative methods make the process faster, making the changes this can do for your business more efficiently. 

The hospitality industry is filled with neck-to-neck competitions and bringing a guest in sometimes can be an obstacle. This is why lead generation is important because it can target potential guests and pique their interest in choosing your hotel.

We are an award-winning lead generation company based in London that has enormous experience when it comes to connecting businesses with clients and other businesses alike. 

We can cater to your strategic marketing needs and generate leads that can turn to potential guests. Our expertise in this field allows us to market your business in a more effective way.

Yes! We work remotely and offer virtual assistance to all of our clients regardless of which country you are from. 

We provide our services locally and internationally and what makes it better is that we are also a diverse group of individuals, so communication will be a breeze.

As lead generation services vary, so do the costs associated with them. 

The Pearl Lemon Leads team has three distinct packages for you to choose from depending on what your business needs. Book a call with us today to learn more about our pricing.

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